July 28, 2012

Angry Birds Fruit Gummies

When we went to get some stuff at the Base Exchange, hubby saw a file of angry birds fruit gummies displayed at the store....he pointed it to the daughter, and the daughter saw it too! I knew that their going to get one because they both like fruit gummies...lol!
Nay, I thought all fruit gummies taste the same. I just love looking at their shape though.

Vero Beach Waterfront Real Estate

Looking for a luxurious waterfront property at Vero Beach? If you’re looking for a seaside community that is both homey and elegant, then a property at Vero Beach may be the perfect investment for you. Vero Beach Waterfront Real Estate information can be found online and they are usually from well established real estate companies. They provide an updated listing of all the available properties within the area and the surrounding communities. Whether you are looking for luxurious estates that consist of multiple acres of land to prime condominiums and private enclaves, you will find what you need through reputable real estate companies. They will provide you with detailed information about each property. You can also set an appointment to view the property that you are interested in. Do not hesitate to convey whatever concerns you may have about the property that you are interested in so that everything will be clear before you go and sign any contract.

Residential Apartment to Rent

Relocating to a new city can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. If you’re the type of person who welcomes new experiences, then a move to a new city can be something that you look forward to. But the whole experience can be stressful as well especially when you need to find residential apartment to rent. Before you go and look for an apartment, it is best if you determine first what you want in an apartment. You must have a list of the features like you need such as how big it has to be or how accessible it should be to all the major mode of transportation in the city. The internet can also be an excellent source of information about the rental apartments that are available in the area that you’ll be transferring to. Make sure though that you verify the authenticity of the information that you get. It would also help if you visit the neighborhood and talk to some of the long time residents just to get a feel of how safe and secure the area is and how friendly and helpful the other residents are.

July 27, 2012

Gold Plated Jade Bracelet

I super love this bracelet. The color is my mom's favorite. The first time I saw it at yardsellr.com, I knew I have to buy it for her. After using the Photon$ points, I only pay $6.00 plus free shipping.
I can't wait to send it to my mom. I'm sure she is going to like it. It's a little bit heavy too. I guess it's because of the charms.

Motorcycle Tires

Are you wondering where to find a reliable brand of motorcycle tires? Well, you should not look any further because tireexpress.com offers great selection of avon motorcycle tires. I wonder what kind of tire brands my father and brothers are using. I’m not sure if they’re using avon motorcycle tires or something else. I might have to ask them to make sure they are using great quality motorcycle tires.
 Me trying to ride my younger brother's motorcycle. This was taken when I visited them a few months ago.

The Flex Ab Belt

For most people having a regular exercise regimen is not just because they want to look good but more importantly because to gain the many benefits of having a healthy body. A healthy body increases the body’s immunity against common viruses. If one is able to maintain a healthy body, the chance of developing different kinds of illnesses is lowered.

After going through a thorough checkup with your doctor, you can formulate an exercise regimen that you can do in a regular basis. If you haven’t exercised in a while, it would be best if you start with simple exercises first. If you want to exercise on your own, you can just buy exercise equipments that you can use at home. If you want to have a firm and toned abs, you can choose an ab toning device that will work best for you. At the ab belt report website, you will get to read about reviews on popular ab belts that you can choose from. They are aimed to help you decide which type of ab belt is suitable for you.

July 25, 2012

Latisse | Thicker and Longer Eyelashes

To be honest, I’ve been hearing a lot of positive reviews about Latisse. Have you used it before? Latisse is an FDA approved prescription treatment that will help your lashes grow fuller, longer and darker. Pretty interesting right? I really would like to try it. I might want to Buy Latisse Online.
I read it somewhere that this product is easy to use. All you have to do is apply the solution once a day to the base of your eyelashes providing you with noticeably thicker and longer eyelashes in as few as 8 weeks. You could also wait for 12 to 16 weeks for full results. So what are you waiting for? You should Buy Latisse Online today!

July 24, 2012

Milk Chocolate

I purchased a box of milk chocolate from Big Lots Store a few weeks ago. Boy, it was on sale for $4.00 only. What a crazy deal! I wish I bought 2 boxes of it.

July 19, 2012

University of Alabama Shirts

College students spend most of their time within the premises of the university since aside from being at school all day for their classes they also spend their free time at their dorms which are also within the vicinity of the university. This is one of the major reasons why there is a sense of community within the students, the teaching staff and all those that work in the university. There are even departments where each student if familiar with each other and when one is in need of assistance the whole department rallies and do their best to provide the help that is required of them.
One great way to show support to the school and promote school spirit is by wearing clothes that have the school logo. There are schools that sell their own school apparel including University of Alabama shirts, caps and hats, T-shirts, coffee mugs, computer accessories, banners and blankets. Some universities even have their own websites where they feature all the products that they have. They even offer special promos and discounts to loyal clients. Students and even parents can order for the items that they like and can even pay for their purchases online.

Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss

 I've always been a Revlon fan ever since I started using makeup. I like using their beauty products and other beauty essentials.
 Recently, I was given the opportunity to try our their Revlon color burst lip gloss: Fire for FREE. Thanks a lot Revlon! I really love it. The color really pops and it's very shiny. I highly recommend this lip gloss to all women out there.

NEW SHADES for your ESCPAISM look! Revlon ColorBurst Lip gloss for lips that shine with killer color. This weightless gloss makes lips pop with 5X more shine than patent leather Available in 4 new summer shades: Crystal Water, Bellini, Sizzle and Sunbaked.

A pop of weightless color with vivid, mirror-like shine. Outshines everything but you!
• Micro-crystal formula for 5X the shine of patent leather
• Plush applicator shaped to curves of your lips for smooth, even application of colour
• ColorBurst's Elasticolor™ technology for rich color with a weightless feel
• Moisturizers and anti-oxidants such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E conditions and improves lip texture

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

July 16, 2012


If you want to give your front yard that distinct and unique look, you can consider putting a decorative mailbox. You will not only have a proper place for all your mail but will also add beauty to the exterior of your home. When you visit a decorative home mailboxes store, you get to see the various mailboxes of unique designs, sizes and colors. Decide on whether you want a single unit mailbox, a wall mount mailbox or multi-unit mailboxes. They also have address plaques and decors as well as mailbox signs and numbers which you can install to make others identify your home easily. You can choose one that will suit the theme or design of your home. If you do not have the time to visit a store to shop for metal residential home mailboxes, you can buy them from online shops instead. You can visit their website and see the various residential metal mailboxes that they have to offer.

July 11, 2012

Elegant Bedding Sheets

Do you often find yourself tossing and turning at night? Have you been struggling to get some sleep even if you are already tired from working all day? You may want to take some steps that can help you to sleep better. You can consider redecorating your room. You don’t have to buy new furniture especially if what you currently have are still in good condition. You can just move them around until you find a room design that you are more comfortable with. You can also change a few pieces or fixtures. You can also change your window treatment into one that can create a more calming effect that will encourage you to relax and get a good night’s sleep. You can also invest in quality bed sheets, linens and pillow. These can contribute in making you feel comfortable when you lie down on your bed. Bella Notte Bedding Sheets are made from luxurious fabrics that can make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. They also come in elegant designs that can make your bedroom look more stylish.

July 9, 2012

Forever21 Undies BOGO Sale

Got some new undies from forever21.com a few days ago. Super love them all! I bought 2 pieces and got 2 extras for FREE. I always love shopping when it's Buy One Get One FREE!
It was on sale for $1.50 each. Original price was $3.50. What pretty deal!

Revlon Expression Experiment Makeup Kit

This post brought to you by Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a stay at home mom, I hardly ever wear makeup. Well, except for face powder and lip gloss. Since I rarely go anywhere other than a trip to the grocery store, I barely use and buy beauty products and makeup. True, I definitely don't get dolled up every day compare to other women. But thanks to Revlon for helping me express the other side of me by using their Revlon Expression Experiment makeup kit.
Take a peek inside the makeup kit:
- makeup primer
- eye primer+brightener,
- 2 colorstay eye shadow palettes
- 3 colorstay longwear nail polish enamels
- one superlustrous lipstick
- one colorburst lip butter
- one colorburst lipgloss

I tried them right away, and here are some results of my experiments using Revlon Expression makeup kit.
A simple mom from Texas all glammed up! Thanks to Revlon. I love every single product that you guys sent me.
                                         Lip gloss                lip butter with lip gloss combined

How about you? What's your self expression?
I'm loving my new colored nails. It looks neat and what a perfect summer treat!
Revlon is such a great empowering tool for women of all kind. With Revlon you can be anyone you want to be. The Revlon Expressions Experiment is designed for women to explore how they want to be presented to the world. Be who you want to be and express yourself!
Revlon is looking to inspire women and push them out of their comfort zone by actively engaging them in new expressions. By delivering functional tools, education, inspiration and new products that enable them to express themselves in a new way, Revlon is really pushing women to express themselves as individuals.
So why not join the movement of self expression with the Revlon Expression Experiment Facebook application today?!

July 7, 2012

Accounting Firm

Bookkeeping is an essential part of any business regardless of how big or small it may be. A small business entrepreneur who may not have the resources to create his own accounting department within the company can just utilize the services of an accounting firm. They can deal with the accounting raleigh nc tax preparations, provide your company with comprehensive financial statements and other bookkeeping services that your business may need. It is beneficial to smaller companies since they do not have to hire a permanent accountant or bookkeeper and only pay for the services of an accounting firm when needed.

Affordable Class Rings

One of my parent’s gifts when I graduated in college was a ring. It’s a class ring actually. It’s made of 18k gold. I like wearing it because it signifies success and achievement. For me, a class ring is a symbol of commitment to one's school and the efforts it took to graduate.
If you are wondering where to find affordable class rings, you might want to visit joyjewelers.com. This company offers a huge selection of class ring styles and hundreds of options to choose. So what are you waiting for? You should check them out!

Patriotic Hat for $1.00

Another item I bought at a Dollar Tree store was a patriotic hat. Daughter was loving it! I like it too because it cute and it's covered with glitters. Only for a dollar! You can't beat that price.

Pneumatic Tools

You can save a lot of money on home repairs if you learn to do some basic repairs on your own. Your knowledge in basic plumbing or carpentry can allow you to make repairs without having to hire the services of the professional. You can invest in the tools and materials that you would usually need such as pneumatic tools and repair kits. With the proper tools and knowledge on home repairs, you can make repairs whenever they are needed.

Car Donations

In the United States, car donations is very common. It is the practice of giving away no-longer-wanted automobiles or other vehicles to charitable organizations. In the US, these donations can provide a tax benefit. That’s what we did with our broken car a few years ago. We donated it to a charity and got a tax receipt for donating the car. We tried to take it to an auto shop many times, but it keeps breaking down. So we’ve decided to donate the vehicle, and bought a new car instead.

Patriotic Glasses for $1,00

I bought a patriotic glasses for my daughter at our local dollar tree store before the 4th of July. I thought it's really cute and very patriotic. It's definitely worth buying.
She wore it during the 4th if July, and she looks really cute on it!

July 4, 2012

Bed Bug Protection

Most people spend an average of around six to eight hours of sleep each day. Getting enough sleep is essential if you want your body to get the rest it needs and at the same time have the energy it needs for the next day. Regardless of how young or old you may be, a good night’s sleep is essential in making sure that you are able to do all the things that you need to do efficiently. If you want to be able to sleep comfortably, it is necessary that you invest in a comfortable bed, mattress, pillows and sheets. A comfortable mattress will allow you to sleep soundly and without interruption. You need to know how to properly take care of your mattress to ensure that it maintains its top quality. Mold, mildew and bed bugs are just some of things that will cause damage to your mattress. You can invest in bed bugs mattress covers if you want to prevent bed bugs from accumulating in your mattress. With a comfortable mattress, getting that much needed sleep at the end of each busy day is indeed possible.

Decorative Finials

In creating a certain look for a particular room, it is not only the furniture or the fixtures that you have to consider but also the window treatment. Having the right window treatment can help you create a room that does not only looks great but can also add functionality to the room. There are certain things that you need to consider in deciding the proper window treatment for each room. For a room that is facing the front of the house, with a street view, a window treatment that will provide privacy is important. Rooms at the second floor that may be exposed to extreme sunlight during certain times of the day would need curtains that will provide the shade they need. Once you have determined the particular needs of each window, you can start shopping for the proper window treatments for them. You can purchase curtains, shutters, blinds or shades. And since they also come in a variety of designs and colors, you can choose those that will not only serve their purpose but will also add style to the room. Finials by DRD are just some of the useful window accessories that you will need. They will help you install the window treatments properly which is essential in achieving its functionality. Drapery Rods Direct can provide you with all the window treatment tools and accessories that you will need. Aside from curtains and other similar window treatment, they also have accessories such as curtain rods, drapery poles, finials, rings, pole brackets and hold backs.
For more finial selections, you should check out draperyrodsdirect.com today! They offer a wide variety of Decorative Finials for a variety of different drapery rods and poles. They also carry the entire line of Kirsch Wrought Iron Finials, available in five fantastic finishes.

Dorm Wall Decor

Shopping for gifts can be a truly fun experience especially if the gifts are for people who are close to you. Whether it’s for a favorite cousin that you grew up with or a friend in college that you have been friends with since your freshman year, buying a gift for someone you really like is something that you should look forward to. The gifts that you will choose will express how you feel about the recipient of the gift. If you want to give something unique for a change, there are funny and unique gifts that are available in the market today. There are shirts and accessories such as wallets, belts and key chains of different sizes that have unique designs and print that will surely catch anyone’s fancy. You can also give unique gifts that can be used as decorations at home or dorm. You can buy table lamps, collectible figures, laptop accessories, pillows, blankets and dorm wall decor at Spencer Gifts. Each item will surely be suitable as gifts for birthdays and other similar occasions. With so many gift items to choose from and so many gift ideas to consider, you will never run out of suitable and unique gifts to give to a relative or friend.
Mushroom Black Light Wall HangingGrande Lava with Red Lava, Clear Liquid, and Silver Base
For more fun and novel products, you should check out spencersonline.com here. Spencer Gifts LLC, a lifestyle retail company operates two unique, national brands, Spencer’s and Spirit Halloween throughout the United States, Canada and online. This company offers unique product for the lifestyle style of 18-24 year old guest, always inspired by humor and irreverence. So what are you waiting for?

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! Have a fabulous celebration to all. Way to go America!

Healthcare Delivery

One of the biggest misconceptions about private medical care is that it is something that only the rich can afford. Some are apprehensive acquiring the services of a private medical practitioner because they think that it will cost a lot of money. Although there are certain medical treatments that can be quite expensive, there are still a number of medical practitioners that offer their services at affordable terms. Even ordinary patients who do not have medical insurance can get the medical treatment they need from qualified medical practitioners such as doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, nurses and other health care professionals. Patients who have illness that need constant monitoring need to have a closer relationship with their doctor. AAPP Patients should have easy access to their doctors and the services that they offer. They should be able to tell their doctors right away whatever concerns they may have about their illness or if they notice something different about their health. With their own private doctor, their illness while be closely monitored and they will be guided accordingly on how they can better manage their health. If there will be health risks involved, their doctor will be able to recognize them right away and come up with the best possible medical solution to the problem. AAPP will make it possible for patients and health care providers to look for the best health care plan. They will be provided with the resources they need in making sure that patients are able to benefit from the best health care program that is available for them.

July 3, 2012

Cheap Sexy Dresses

Attending a social function or an important event such as a wedding is not only an opportunity to mingle with friends and family and meet new people but also a chance to show your personal sense of style. The clothes that you wear at the event will let people know what your fashion preferences are. Your clothes will also give them a glimpse of your personality. It is important to remember though that you wear clothes that are appropriate for the event that you are attending. If, for instance, you will attend a big weekend party in your campus, then a party dress would be appropriate. You don’t have to buy an expensive party dress to look good. There are stores that offer cheap party dresses that can make you look as fashionable as you want. You just have to know how to choose the right dress that will help you achieve the look that you want without spending a lot.

Riding Boots

There has been a considerable increase of consumers who are now enjoying the many benefits of online shopping. Online shopping provides consumers with a more convenient way of shopping for whatever they need without leaving the comfort of their home. They can shop for bestselling items such as tory burch calista, clothes, furniture, toys, electronic gadgets, books and even items that they would usually buy at the supermarket. Online shoppers are also given an opportunity to avail of exclusive deals and promotions that are only available online. They can even use promo codes or coupons to avail of additional discounts to popular products. In some online stores, discounts on items from well known manufacturers are being offered each day giving their customers a chance to buy a different item each day at a discounted rate. Online stores also offer delivery services to make shopping a more convenient experience for their customers.

Choosing the right riding boot is not easy, but whether you are learning how to ride or are an experienced rider, you need riding boots that fit you well and are comfortable.

Bathroom Frame

I love this gorgeous frame that I got from our local Dollar Tree store. It blends really well with my other green and brown bathroom decors. Pretty neat for a buck!