August 11, 2017

Quick and Inexpensive Tips for Beautifying Your Yard

The front yard is usually the first thing a person sees when visiting your home. It is the only thing that passersby see. So why not make it a beautiful sight for them, and you every time you walk outside. You don’t have to be retired and spending every waking hour with your lawn and garden to make it a sight worth beholding.
Try some of these quick and inexpensive tips from a business for lawn maintenance in Idaho Falls to beautify your yard on your own.
Add flowers, bushes, trees, and shrubbery to your yard. Add color and variety to your yard with the use of different plants. You can even choose plants that self-seed and come back annually, creating less work for yourself next year.
Use mulch in your flower garden. Not only does it keep the weeds at bay, but it helps provide nutrition to your flowers, resulting in more vibrant colors.
Create Edges
Break up your yard with edges. Use bricks or rocks to outline your lawn or flower gardens. Create new spaces in your yard with the use of edges.
Create a Path
Is there a lot of foot traffic that goes through your yard? Use stones, gravel, dirt, or other materials to create a path that welcomes that traffic. Line it with plants or rocks for added decoration.
Add Décor
Add décor for focal points in your yard. Use an antique looking bird bath, a cute wooden bench, large rocks, a fire pit, or anything that you like that can add a little character, or even functionality if you have people over often.
Does your hose just trail along the side of the house? Do you have garden tools strewn about like they’re nobody’s business? Try adding some organization with a hose box, a small shed, or this DIY Pallet Garden Tool Organizer.
Use Pots
Put bushes and flowers in pots to add some depth and variety.
Take the time to enjoy your beautiful yard with some cute chairs or that bench mentioned earlier. Again, if you have people over often and want to enjoy the outdoors, add seating that compliments your yard.
Brighten it up
Brighten up shady spots in your yard with some light-colored ground plants.

Don’t wait to have the yard that you want. You can get started on all of these tips today.

July 28, 2017

5 Virtual Races That Give Back

Running in a race can be an intimidating endeavor for some. The adrenaline, the crowds and the pressure can often be overwhelming. But what if you could run a race on your own time, get a medal, and all the while support a charity? Sounds pretty cool right? The team at Teton Foot & Ankle Center, a podiatrist in Idaho Falls, encourage everyone to stay healthy and active this summer, and suggest a few charities you can run for through virtual races.
Human Trafficking Awareness
Human slavery is often thought to be a thing of the past, however even in today’s society there are people entrapped by human traffickers. From working on farms and plants, to selling their bodies to strangers, victims of human trafficking need our help. Your virtual race can help support Polaris, a global leader for fighting modern slavery.
Skin Cancer Awareness
Sun safety is highly overlooked and underestimated. Skin cancer is very real and effects thousands of people worldwide. This virtual race helps spread awareness of the seriousness of skin cancer, and helps people learn more on how to properly protect yourself from damaging UV rays.
Suicide Prevention Awareness
Suicide is a very hard thing to predict or prevent. Funds from your virtual race can help the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention research, educate, and advocate for suicide prevention. Increased understanding of suicide can help researchers prevent these tragedies, and your virtual race is one step you can take to being a part of the cause.
Veterans Awareness
Our US veterans have sacrificed more than their fair share for this beautiful country, and the funds from your virtual races benefit the Fisher House Foundation. Giving back to those who fought for, and continually protect our freedoms is an honor, and we hope you feel pride when running your virtual race.
Wildlife Awareness
Raising awareness for the world’s endangered species, the wildlife awareness virtual race donates all earned funds to The Oceanic Preservation Society and the Wildlife Conservation Network. It is said that “in the next 100 years we could lose 50% of all species on earth.” This is a great cause to support, and a great virtual race!
All races can be found at Always make sure you are fit to run. If you are in need of a sports medicine doctor, foot and ankle specialist or other specialty doctor, consult before strenuous activity.