March 31, 2012

MP3 Player

My first MP3 player ever. Hubby bought it for my birthday 5 years ago, and now it's dead!
My daughter thought it's new and it's hers so I gave it to!

March 30, 2012

Flowers for Her!

Giving flowers as gifts is an excellent way to express how you feel. They can express admiration, love respect and other emotions. Flowers can be given in just about every occasion. They come in different varieties and can be arranged in a number of creative ways. There are affordable flower arrangements while there are those that cost more because of the kinds of flowers used and the way the flowers were arranged.

There are a number of flower shops to choose from each offering a variety of services including helping you choose which type of flowers to give and how they can be arranged. They can also offer free deliveries. You can ask them to have Serenata flowers delivered tomorrow and you can be assured that they will be delivered on time. Most flower shops have websites where clients can choose the flowers they prefer and pay for their purchases online.

March 28, 2012

Tweety Bird Car Seat Cover Combo Kit

Tweety bird is my all time favorite cartoon character. I thought he is pretty cute!
Since he is my fave, I bought my car a tweety bird car seat cover combo kit at The whole kit is awesome. It fits perfectly! I love the steering wheel cover the most.
It's a 15-piece combo kit. Includes 2 Front Top Seat Covers, 2 Front Bottom Seat Covers, 2 Headrest Covers, 2 Shoulder Belt Pads, 1 Top Bench Cover, 1 Bottom Bench Cover, 1 Steering Wheel Cover, and 4 Carpet Front and Rear Floor Mats
Available at for $64 (tax+shipping included)

March 27, 2012

Traser Watches

Looking for a gift to your loved ones, I would recommend traser watches. These watches are extremely robust which is great for camping or other wilderness adventures. I can’t count on how many watches I have broken in my time. I also have dropped many in the pool. If I was wearing a traser watch, I would have had a much bigger chance of being able to recover my watch. These watches would go great with military personal as well. I don't mind getting one for my husband.

Professional Wedding Photographer in Philadelphia

Capturing every important moment of your wedding should be one of your priorities. And this starts with hiring the right wedding photographer. Professional philadelphia wedding photographer can provide you with photos that can instantly take you back at the happiest day of your life. They know how to take photos that will capture every emotion. It will surely be fun browsing through your wedding photos if they are taken by professional photographers who have vast experience in capturing wonderful wedding moments.

March 26, 2012

Coupon Codes Up for Grab!

I have three friends who are couponers. I call them that because they get lots and lots of great deals from couponing. As a matter of fact, one of them made couponing her career being a stay-at-home mom. Every day, she would post and show us the photos of all those grocery products and items she got for free or for just less than $10 when the items are priced over a hundred bucks. I consider her a coupon queen and I want to be like her. She has been teaching me the tips on how to do it but until now, I still didn’t get it. Maybe soon.

What I don’t miss enjoying though are the new coupon codes that I receive in my inbox regularly from the leading brands that I am into. As an avid online shopper, coupon codes are very useful when you buy stuff online. Just last week, I made use of several coupon codes when I did some shopping for clothes and shoes. I am bound to be sending another large box as a package to my family in Philippines and buying clothes, shoes, and accessories to be put in the box is always an “in” thing. And then, there are Free Aeropostale coupon codes that are up for grab, too.

Just who don’t like Aeropostale? I have been shopping for this brand online because online deals are so irresistible and it adds to the thrill when there are coupon codes that we can make use of. At, great and various coupons are available for you to grab and if you’re an online shopper, let this coupon source be your partner for a true savings while shopping!

Hydrating Beads

Have you ever tried using hydrating beads before? Hydrating beads are much lighter than glass marbles. I love using the!

I bought this pack at our local 99cents store.

March 20, 2012

Retail Store Fixtures

The design and layout of your retail store can have a huge impact on how effective your business will be in attracting clients. Customers that pass by your store will be more inclined to actually go inside your store if you are able to catch their attention through the design of your store. Once you have created the design and layout that will best represent your vision for your store, you need to invest in the right retail store fixtures. Through the carefully chosen fixtures, you should be able to display all your merchandise that you will be offering to your clients. These fixtures should also be in the right sizes so that you still have plenty of room in your store for clients and your staff to move around. Your clients should be able to move freely inside your store as they inspect your merchandise. For a clothing store, a fitting room is a must. Clients will only buy clothes that they are sure to fit them. Think also of other fixtures that will not only add style and class to your store but are also functional.
So if you would like to shop for all retail store merchandising and supply needs, you should not look any further because is the perfect place to go! So what are you waiting for?

Contemporary Lightning

 Ambrato  from Access Lighting 26114-ABRZ/AMB  in Bronze/Brick/Browns
Whenever we see mansions or houses of celebrities on TV, we expect to see grand contemporary chandeliers not just on the living room, but in almost all of the major rooms in the mansion. We are at awe at how grand they look and how classier a room looks because it has a big chandelier on the ceiling. But we do not have to own a mansion just to have our own chandelier at home. There are mini chandeliers that will add class to a room even if it does not have that have a lot of fancy furniture or appliances.
Bradley 3 Light Chandelier From Designers Fountain - 84183-CHA
You can also add contemporary bathroom lighting to your bathroom not only to provide it with the amount of light it needs but also it helps create the look that you want for your bathroom. A carefully chosen lighting fixture can complement the design or theme that you want for your bathroom. You do not have to choose the most expensive ones but those that do not only look stylish but are the most suitable for the lighting needs of the bathroom.
So if you are wondering where to find the best deals in lightning fixture, you might want to visit

March 18, 2012

Double Glazing

Every part of your home should be placed strategically to maximize its use and benefits. The windows of your home should be placed in such a way that proper circulation of air is possible. The quality of air that you breathe at home will improve if air is able to circulate properly through strategically located windows. More and more homeowners choose double glazed windows for their home. Double glazed windows provide the added security that homeowners need. Single pane windows are normally made of single sheet of regular glass that may easily break. This may mean an extra expense since you have to have them replaced every time they shatter. Double glazed windows provide the added security that homeowners need. Double glazed windows are made of toughened glass that will not easily shatter. They also help keep your house warmer which can result in lower home heating bills. You can ask for quotes from companies that offer double glazed windows and compare All Double Glazing prices at See which company offers the most competitive price and provide you with extra services such as free delivery and professional installation.

March 17, 2012

5-Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier

This is not a sponsored post.

I really love our new dining chandelier. The electrician installed it yesterday. He did a pretty good job, and he also installed our ceiling fans. We bought the chandelier and ceiling fans at Home Depot. We chose them because they offer a 15% off to all Military personnel.
Hampton Bay 5-Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier Fabric Shades

March 16, 2012

Wedding Invitations

Western Wedding Invitations Floral Wedding InvitationsWinter Wedding Invitations
Your wedding is an important milestone in your life and it is only natural for you to want everything about your wedding to be as perfect as they can be. Preparing for your own wedding can be quite overwhelming which is why you can choose to hire a wedding planner is you think you cannot handle the stress that goes with planning a wedding. But even if you hire a professional wedding planner you have to be as involved as possible about the details of your wedding. Once you have decided on the date and venue of the wedding ceremony, you need to decide on the theme of the wedding. You can browse wedding magazines and websites for ideas on the latest in wedding themes. The theme that you have chosen will be the same one that you will use for your wedding invitations. You can ask your wedding planner where to find the best wedding invitations. You can choose the premade invitations or have invitations specially made according to your preference. Customized invitations may cost higher than premade ones but they will have a unique design that no other wedding invitations will have. The design that you choose will be all your own.
Once you have found a reliable wedding planner that understands what you want for your wedding, you no longer have to stress over every minor detail of your wedding. You can just look forward to your most awaited day and expect to enjoy every minute of it.
For more wedding invitations and other invitation ideas, you should visit today! This website offers one of the internet's widest selections of invitations, announcements, stationery products and gifts to make every occasion special, from brands you know and trust. So what are you waiting for? You should visit them now!

March 15, 2012

Medical Cart

Medical tools and equipments play an important role on how effectively medical treatments can be provided to patients. Without the right medical equipments, doctors may find it difficult to come up with the right diagnosis on their patients’ illness. The tests that patients need to undergo will not be possible without the right equipment. The hospital should invest in the right medical tools and equipments like med cart that doctors and patients can use during their stay at the hospital.

March 12, 2012

Inexpensive Wedding Invites

Your wedding is one of the most anticipated events in your life. You want everything about it to be as special as it can be. Making your wedding day special does not mean you have to spend a lot of money just to be able to buy the best items that you will need or to avail of the best services that you require. You just need to be able to know where you can find the best quality materials that you need at the lowest price possible. Take for instance, your wedding invites. It is something that you attend to the moment you have decided on the date and venue of your wedding. If you are trying to stay within your budget, professionally printed stationery can be quite expensive. The best way to acquire inexpensive wedding invites is by making them yourself. You just need to find cheap but quality stationery that you can transform into elegant wedding invitations. Use your creativity to create the kind of wedding invitation that you want. With your resourcefulness and creativity, you can have that perfect wedding that you have dreaming of without spending a lot of money.
For more ideas about inexpensive wedding invites, you should check out today!

March 8, 2012

Crimes in the area

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers
I have shopped for homes in the past where I had no idea about the neighborhood I was considering moving to. I would just find some homes that I thought were appealing and were in a good school district and started calling real estate agents. It never once crossed my mind to look up the crime statistics in the area. Once I started having kids my whole mentality on things like this changed. Now that my husband and I are house shopping again we are on all the web sites we can find looking up the crime in the local area to see how safe of a neighborhood it is. For the most part all neighborhoods have at least some type of crime reported in them, some just have much more than others. One thing that we are definitely looking for this time around is a home with a home security system already installed. We know that we can have this done after the fact and it is fairly simple and not too expensive but we are really hoping to find a home that already has that step taken care of.

March 4, 2012

Animal Hats

I've seen a lot of kids wearing these fuzzy animal hats these days. A few of my daughter's friends at school are wearing it. Daughter wanted to buy one too, but I told her to get it next time. Animal hats are quiet expensive for me. Price range $10 - $20.00

March 3, 2012

MyoRipped Review

If you are seriously considering using testosterone boosters to increase your muscle mass and bone density as well as increase your energy, you need to determine first which one is the most effective. Find a product that has the most positive feedback and is known to deliver the best result. If you want to know, for instance, the side effects of myoripped, you can ask those who have previously used them if they have experience any type of side effect.

March 1, 2012

Hair Extensions

Do you have a big date coming up? Or perhaps you’ll be attending a wedding or a class reunion? Then a makeover may be what you need. Whether it’s for an important event or you’re just bored with how you look and you want to feel better about yourself, a makeover can make a huge difference. You can go to your favorite beauty salon and have a haircut. You can change the color of your hair or have a hair extension. You can also have manicure and a pedicure.

You can go through your closet and see which ones need to be altered or redesigned. You do not have to get rid of all your clothes and buy new ones. Choose which ones can still be used and can be paired with another piece of clothing to give you a whole new look.

With your new hair style and new outfit, you can have that makeover that you have always wanted.

Fabulous Maternity Clothes

Maternity African Patterned DressMaternity Ruffle Front DressThe Maxi Dress - 20% OFF!
Pregnancy causes a number of physical changes in a woman’s body. The expectant mother has to deal with the physical growth of the baby inside her womb and the discomforts of body changes brought about by the hormonal changes in the body. During the first trimester, a pregnant woman has to deal with morning sickness which includes nausea and vomiting. Some have more intense morning sickness than others. Breast tenderness, expanding waistline and body fatigue are also some of the physical and physiological changes that pregnant women face.

Pregnant women need to make sure that they do everything to be as comfortable as possible. Maternity clothes should be carefully chosen. They should be made in comfortable materials and should be designed in a way that won’t allow restriction in movement. Since pregnant women get tired easily, they should wear maternity clothes that let their skin breathe and won’t make them feel uncomfortable in any way. The maternity clothes they choose should also be easily altered to conform to the changes in the pregnant woman’s body.