February 18, 2010

Check the Latest Fashion

I love shopping. Who doesn't? When I shop I always go to the clearance section or look for red tags, and I seldom shop for name brands. How about you? What kind of name brands do you like when you go shopping? When shopping for name brands, I always go with Ralph Lauren. I like this brand not only they offer good quality polo but they have shoes, purse, clothes, fragrances and more. I make the decision to buy from this brand on the basis that I can trust that the quality will be good and it is very classic and therefore won't go ''out of fashion''. It can look elegant or casual and always looks neat and clean cut. I suppose there is also a certain charm that goes with it. You should check out Ralph Lauren's latest designer fashions.

Do you know that Ralph Lauren was selected again as official designer for the Olympic games? You heard it right! According to the news, Olympic athletes will march in the closing ceremony parade wearing clothing by designer Ralph Lauren. The outfits will reportedly include red and blue shawl-collar sweaters with antique buttons, newsboy caps, plaid shirts for the men and navy ribbed turtlenecks for the women. I can't wait and looking forward to see the closing ceremony.

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