February 27, 2010

Weekend Freebies!

Just click the image to get a FREE sample.

Free Arm & Hammer Shake

Limited quantity of 5,500 available. Offer only available to consumers not currently receiving communications from the makers of Arm & hammer products. Limit one e-mail and mailing address combination. Qualifying consumers will receive their shaker in 6-8 weeks. Received item will not contain Baking Soda.

FREE package of Nabisco Cookies-Monday (3/1)

Become a Facebook Fan of Nabisco Cookies and starting on Monday (3/1) you’ll be able to print out a coupon to get a FREE package of Nabisco Cookies when you buy one package of Nabisco Cookies and a gallon of milk.

Free Texas Tornado Hockey Keychain

Texas Tornado Hockey Club is giving away free key chains!
The delivery time for USA and CANADA is 2-3 weeks, for other countries 3-5 weeks.


kat said...

Hi Sis, thanks for the comment regarding the mansion of Manny Villar. It was my cousin who sent this to me and i was really shocked and can't believe it. So, what i did ay pinost ko para may mag comment/react if it is true or not. Thanks kaayo kay wa diay ingon aning mansyon diha sa UTAh...

poor Manila Villar but still, i will not vote for him. Si Noy-noy and manok ko hehehe.

Huge thanks talaga sis.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.