April 13, 2010

Freebies Monday

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Pampers Kandoo

Listening to music and dancing helps children develop in amazing ways! It stimulates brain development, improves motor control, and even enhances self-esteem. It's also a fun way to get kids interested in daily tasks like personal hygiene. We've made this gift of six Kandoo songs and a dance video to do just that. Your child will love it.

They're giving away 10,000 CD's to the first 10,000 people that sign up for it starting APRIL 11, 2010. Hurry, they'll go fast! they'll also send you a really cool
friendship charm bracelet! (color may vary). The bracelet has little bell charms to help keep you in the present!


Chubskulit Rose said...

adgitizing here sis..

Unknown said...

tsang hapit ko ngari ha.

Unknown said...

Lili ko balik diri tsang.