April 9, 2010

The NEW GENERATION in Back Pain Management

Are you looking for a way to help with back pain management? You should checkout the BodyBolster which is a self inflating postural support that combines “tool and skill” with a self treatment capability. This tool was developed by a team of Australian physical therapists and allows relaxation of the muscles and mobility of the joints. There has been research that shows how this tool can improve your fitness and alertness of employees. It can also reduce pain and fatigue. There have been other options that people used such as the Old Style Back Support which holds the torso in a static position. This, however, can weaken the muscles. The BodyBolster gives you active support because it is air filled. It allows the micro movement through the spine. This product can support the body give you stability, Isometric strength building, and much more. This is a great product to help with your physical therapy as well. You can try many of their exercises such as the Petelar Mobilization, Pelvic Tilt, Neck Drap, and Quadriped Lat Stretch. So if you want to improve your back pain management, you should checkout the BodyBolster today and see how this great product can help you.