May 31, 2010


Posted by Mariah Walsh
Of all of the stations that I have on satellite tv, MTV is the main one that I just cannot live without. Thankfully, there is more than one MTV channel for me to choose from. This is just the best thing that could ever be for a MTV fan. If there is no music on one channel, I can simply check out the other ones. How much more in life could you ever ask for?
Some would say that I am too old to still love to watch MTV. However, it seems that this channel and all that it is about represents a part of who I am. I mean, I am always trying to stay in the here and now. I keep my wardrobe updated, I enjoy newer music, and I am still very young at heart. There are not very many people my age, that I know of, who care very much about staying up to date in life. I guess that is just a matter of choice and the person that you want to be. As for me, I want, no, I need my MTV! I will show you something you’ll thank me for: go here if you love a tv channel just as much as me.