June 2, 2010

Denta Treats for My Dog

This is not a sponsored post.

I decided to buy our dog a bag of denta treats the other day because I noticed he starts having some cavities. This product satisfy a dog’s urge to chew and help to gently scrape away plaque and tartar. It also contains natural chlorophyll for fresh breath. This product is highly recommended.
* Bones won’t splinter, crack, crumble or stain
* Unique, irresistible texture
* Fully digestible
* Helps whiten teeth
* Promotes dental health and appropriate chewing behavior
* Great for larger breeds


Tetcha said...

I didn't know they have products like that for dogs. That's neat! Thanks for the visit, too!

Global shoppe said...

oh i didnt know about this . neat. tahnks for sharing :)

analou said...

I am sure Buddy will like it dhemz. Not only it's healthy but it will freshen Buddy's breath. That's great!