July 8, 2010

Don't take me out to the ballgame

Guest post written by Ryan Franks
I love to watch sports on TV any time of the year, but nothing compares to how much I love to watch baseball. I have been to many games at the stadium, especially where the Baltimore Orioles play at home in Camden Yard, Baltimore, Maryland. But, when you get right down to it, it is more enjoyable to stay home and watch the game on the tube. Why sit outside in the hot sun or in the rain? Stay home and save money by watching baseball on TV is my way of thinking.
At home I can sit in my favorite recliner, in my air conditioned house, with no waiting in line to get snacks from the kitchen. Now that I have satellite TV, which I got when I found some of the best direct tv specials I have ever seen, I enjoy it even more. I can buy a package where I can even watch the Baltimore Birds play away games so I don't miss out on anything. If you were to give me an all expenses day paid at a ball park game, maybe I would take it!
I remember going to the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore when I was a kid, back when Earl Weaver was the coach and Brooks Robinson was one of the stars. That Weaver really was something to watch. He didn't hold back, and he sure made the game of baseball more interesting.