July 23, 2010

Friends Is My Favorite Show

Content by Reid Dawson
My all time favorite comedy show that I could watch over and over again on direct TV is Friends. This show is one that I watched from the beginning to the end. I was actually very upset when I found out they were going to end the show. Luckily since it is such a popular show I am able to catch reruns almost everyday. This is one television show that I could watch reruns and never get sick of. In fact, I recently bought the whole series on DVD. I now can watch Friends whenever I want.
I really like the older episodes when everyone first met. My all time favorite episode was the series when they all went on vacation for Ross's wedding and Ross called his wife to be Rachel. I always hoped for the two of them to get together. Their off and on relationship really made me keep watching the show.
I also loved all the characters. Each one of them brought their own type of comedy to the show. Joey and Phoebe were the characters who brought a "stupid" but hilarious form of humor to the show. Monica was the uptight one who at times could really be funny. My all time favorite character was Chandler. He was the smart guy with a weird sense of humor. Most of the times I was laughing at him, not with him. Friends is really one show I can go on and on about. It is one series that will surely never be forgotten.