August 29, 2010


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Investing in Gold

In today's economy, it is becoming harder to find a good investment. That is why many people are choosing to invest in bullion. Gold has always been a good investment so that is why you should order your free investment kit to see how you can begin your gold portfolio. Gold is more stable then paper currency and becomes more valuable over time. You can visit and get a lot of information on investing in gold such as rare coins, and a precious metal IRA. So if you are looking for a good investment, you should consider investing in gold.

Bathtub Crayons

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My 4 year old daughter loves to draw, so hubby and I were so excited to get these bathtub crayons for her. These bath crayons are a lot of fun in the tub. I really like this type of product. Drawing pictures, letters, and numbers at bath time is fun and educational. They come in plastic holders that have a click thing on the side, so you can measure how much of the "crayon" that your child that use, it’s great for conserving. My daughter uses it every night during bath time. I bought this at target for $8.00.

Quality Management Software

If you are looking to improve your processes and to make sure you are complying with regulations, you should checkout quality management software.

Metal Roofing

Are you looking to get metal roofing? You should check out the small metal roof panels that incorporate a four-way interlocking design. Using the interlocking feature will add substantial strength and can eliminate the typical expansion and contraction problems that are found with long metal panels. They have another exciting feature that their panels have a built-in hidden fastener system that can protect a potential leak source. These roofs are 100% recyclable, and they have a 25% to 95% recycled content. So if you are looking to improve your roof, you should checkout metal roofing today. This is a great way to improve the look of your house.

Funeral Planning

It can be pretty difficult preparing a funeral, and that is why you need to make sure you get qualified person who can help you with your funeral planning.

Vancouver Cafe

If you are a coffee lover, you should consider visiting the Vancouver Cafe.

August 27, 2010

$1 DVD Rentals

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Have you ever used redbox before? Have you ever heard of it? Well redbox is an American company that specializes in the vending of rental of DVDs via self-service/interactive kiosks. We rent movies at redbox all the time. The company's kiosks are located across the United States in fast food restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, and convenience stores. The machines themselves carry the company's signature red color and arched top surface, which are both recalled in the corporate logo.
This is the reason why we cancelled our Netflix subscription. It's pretty cheap and right on our budget. We rent 6 movies during the weekend.

How to Invest in Gold

I have been looking for a new investment, and I think I will get a gold coin. Many people are saying that gold is a good investment in a recession. You can order many different gold coins directly online and even sign up for the free Gold Monitor Newsletter. You can get “How to Invest in Gold” information along with information related to the Precious Metals IRA. Owning gold is one of the safest ways to protect your family's private wealth. So if you are looking for a safe and reliable investment, you should consider getting gold like I have been.

Heart's content of a Mama Giveaway Contest

I'm joining Mel Cole's second Blogversary giveaway contest! So wish me luck people! The giveaway contest runs from August 25 to September 25, 2010. If you would like to join, just check out First giveaway contest "Heart's content of a Mama turns 2".Congratulations in advance sis Mel and good luck on your contest.

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Second Prize: L'oreal eye shadow, Madeleine Mono cosmetics viva diva eye shadow collection and color plus lipstick, Diandra mascara black, Diandra eye crayon, Hallmark Disney princess sticker sheet, blue mountain arts wallet card, magnet souvenir from Warren, PA and a Beany baby Hello Kitty plush toy key chain.

Third Prize: L'oreal lipstick, Avon lipstick, Avon true color blush, Avon blendable eyeshadow duo, Blue mountain arts wallet card, Hallmark glitter sticker sheet and a Beany baby Hello Kitty plush toy key chain.

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Gold Coin Investment

In this hard economic times, more and more people are considering getting gold coins. You should consider getting a gold coin to begin your gold portfolio. There are many different types of coins you can order so I am sure you can find the one that would want. You can get Gold Vienna Philharmonics, Gold South African Krugerrands and even Silver Bullions. To get started, you can easily call their 800 number or submit their online form to get a specialist to call you. So if you want to begin your gold investment, you should visit their website to day and begin your gold investment.

Seattle’s Best Coffee

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Just in time for the summer season, Seattle’s Best Coffee is debuting a line of canned Iced Lattes. The flavors available thus far are Iced Latte, Iced Vanilla Latte and Iced Mocha Latte. At the suggested retail price of $1.49, they are also right in line with prices of other canned drinks. I consumed 5 cans in 3 days...and I want more. I'm so drowsy! Have you ever had this brand of coffee before?

Gold Coins

Have you ever thought about purchasing gold coins? This is a good time to invest in gold because gold has a tendency to go up in value, not down like many other investments. That is why it is a good time to purchase gold. You can purchase many different types of coins directly online. You can get rare coins, Silver American Eagle coins, and you can even get a precious metal IRA. You can get a one ounce Gold Vienna Philharmonics for only $1,295.05. So if you are looking for a good investment, you should consider purchasing gold. You can get a specialist to call you by filling out their form online.

August 22, 2010

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Online Casino

If you love online casinos, you should checkout the massively popular Canadian casinos. You can checkout the best best online Casinos that Canadian has to offer at These sites will allow players to make deposits and wagers in Canadian Dollars (CAD). The few websites that do not accept CADs will convert the currency into US or other acceptable currency at no additional charge. You will be able to enjoy Blackjack and Slot Machines at these top Canadian casinos. These casinos are rated at this website so you know which ones are good and which ones might not be as good. You can get information about many casinos such as the Spin Palace Casino, the Ruby Fortune Casino, the Lucky Red Casino and many other great Canadian casinos. You can view the casinos ratings along with special features they might have. The Ruby Fortune Casino will give you $750 CAD with one hour of free play. You can get up to a $4000 bonus using Lucky Red Casino. You can get all kinds of great information about some of the best Canadian casinos so why would you go anyplace else? So if you are looking for one website that gives you reliable reviews of Canadian online casinos, you need to checkout today.

August 18, 2010

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Cooktop Cleaner

The ceramic cook tops are the latest in things as far as the gadgets in the kitchen are concern. They are basically glass cooktops, in which the electric heating elements are placed under the glass. Obviously, they look chic and stylish. However, everything has its pros and cons and the same holds true for ceramic cooktops. The problem with them is that they are very prone to scratches and are very difficult to clean. If you are looking for cooktop cleaners, you should try Weiman glass cooktop cleaner. Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner is specially formulated to clean, shine and protect glass/ceramic smooth top ranges. This product easily removes burned on foods and will not scratch delicate glass/ceramic surfaces.

Drastic Weight Loss Solutions

If you are looking for drastic weight loss solutions, you are going to want to read this blog about fast weight loss diet. It will give you quick weight loss tips. You have to consider all of your options and look at the pros and cons when it comes to surgery, nutrition, exercise and using diet pills. You need to make sure you find the best solution that will actually help you. You and your doctors need to take considerable care when evaluating diet pills and surgery. You also need to be careful when purchasing diet pills at your local store because many of them haven't been proven safe. One of the best ways to lose weight is to have a healthy eating habit and to work out regularly. Unfortunately many people do not do that, and that is why so many people are overweight. When you exercise, you have to be consistent and to make sure you do it daily. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for some good information on dieting, you should checkout this blog. It is always good to get the knowledge before making a decision. This is also the perfect time to start losing weight.

iPad Insurance

iPad is the latest gadget you can find in the market these days. It has a multi-screen and has the ability to run thousands of applications and can do thousands of things. The best option you can do if you have an iPad is to protect it by purchasing iPad insurance. iPad insurance is simply a superior option to an ipad warranty. You can get insurance for your iPad by visiting Their iPad insurance policies provide replacement cost coverage and protects the iPad worldwide for a full calendar year from the day you sign up. So what are you waiting for? You should visit them today for details.

Prom Dresses

Whether you are looking for a short homecoming or cocktail dress or a glamorous prom dresses, you should not look any further because has it all. This website offers affordable prom dresses that won’t break your wallet. You can find your dream prom dress for less, and all are priced under $200. They have new styles that feature the best trends of the year. You can choose a designer prom dress for a price you can afford at TJ Formal. So what are you waiting for? You should visit them today or call them at 1-877-769-1336.

August 17, 2010

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Delicious Gift Baskets

Last weekend we went out of town and visited my brother-in-law and his family. It was a long hour drive, but it’s all worth it. What matters the most is we had a great time. I don’t know how to thank their hospitality. I guess I have to buy them a thank you card, but I’ve been thinking it would be a perfect idea if I will get them one of those gift baskets I saw at If you are looking for decadent and delicious gift baskets, you should not look further because has it all. So what are you waiting for?

Outer Banks rental homes

If you are planning a vacation, you are going to want to checkout Carolina Designs. These Outer Banks rental homes have that Southern charm you have been dreaming of.

August 12, 2010

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Blog Copy

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August 10, 2010

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Digital Camera Reviews

I've been longing to buy a new DSLR camera. I already know what type of DSLR I'm getting. Reading digital camera reviews online helps a lot especially when you are planning to buy a new camera. I have five digital cameras at home, and two of them are broken. I am planning on sending the other two to the Philippines. My current digital camera is the best digital camera I have so far, but I'm still not contented. I am hoping to purchase one before the year ends. To see all reviews such as Memory cards & readers Reviews, digital camcorder reviews, and digital picture frames reviews, you should visit

August 8, 2010


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August 5, 2010

Travel Incentives

If you are a business looking for some great corporate incentives, you should checkout travel incentives. You can get increased revenue and repeat sales by using Odenza. This is a great way to give your business a boost by offering customers travel incentives on select purchases. It has been demonstrated that a free vacation and travel can prompt customers to take action. The travel agent at Odenza will make sure that your customers enjoy their vacation so they will become a repeat customer. So if you want to improve your customer relations, you should checkout travel incentives today. This is a great way to increase revenue too.

Bankruptcy Toronto

Bankruptcy Toronto can help you with your bankruptcy solutions.

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My Son's first car

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes
Car buying has changed drastically in the twenty years since I bought my first car. My son turned 16 three months ago and I kept giving him very specific instructions on what we needed in his first car. I did this mainly to keep my little baby from behind the wheel of a car.
At the time I didn't realize that my little boy was using our hughes net internet service to find a vehicle that exactly matched my ridiculous stipulations! When I finally stopped adding new requirements he came to me and showed me several saved pages of cars that matched my requirements. He could tell me the history of the car, where we could find the best price, how much gas the car used, and even the projected resale value. I have to say that after this situation I feel much better about the prospects of my little baby's future, if he goes after it like he did this car. I'll never understand how we ever stumbled through life without the abilities that the internet provides for us, but I have to say I'm thankful.
After I saw how painless this process was for him I've spent much more time shopping for purses online: and convincing my husband that they are excellent deals!

Europe News

It is important to know about events happening around the world, even if it is unlikely affect our daily life. If you are not being aware of current events it will result in making decisions under new situations that you are unaware of. If you would like to keep track of important events and important current affairs in Europe, you should check out This website provides information on all the important and significant happenings in Europe, such as abdul ra​hman el ​assir​ – Liberal Dems Looking. So if you would like to keep yourself updated of important events and important current affairs in Europe, is the right place for you to visit. What are you waiting for?

August 2, 2010

Cell Phone Spy Reads Deleted Texts

How are you familiar with a sim card spy? A SIM card spy is a type of software and hardware solution that can tap into all files on a cell phone SIM card for viewing, saving or editing. This is the only SIM Card reader in the world that can actually see the deleted messages. How cool is that? If you ever wished you can spy on your wife, husband, teens, or an employer who needs to see what someone is up to, this is definitely the perfect solution. For more information about this new invention, you should check out today.

Looking for Faucets?

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Need Baseball Tickets?

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August 1, 2010

2nd Giveaway is Up!

I would like to thank all the people who joined my first giveaway contest. Thanks guys! I’ve been trying to post my second giveaway contest for a long time, but I haven’t gotten a chance to do it. So without further ado, I am going to launch my second giveaway contest from Vegas today. Plus, I added a little bonus!!! Hope you can join my giveaway contest!

The mechanics are simple:
1. Subscribe to these blogs: Dias Spot, Life’s Perception, & Great Finds & Stuff
2. Follow these blogs: Dias Spot, Me & My Passion & Great Finds & Stuff
3. Add these blogs on your blog roll: Dias Spot, Me & My Passion & Great Finds & Stuff
4. Blog about the giveaway contest
5. Add your link entry here.
Follow the rules and PLEASE don’t forget to add your link entry.
A total of 10 participants will get the chance to win the giveaway contest (7 participants for LV giveaways and 3 participants for $25, $15, and $10).
There will be 2 separate drawings on August 30, 2010 (I just want to make sure all participants are on the list):
*a raffle draw for the Las Vegas giveaways
* cash prizes will be drawn through
Ten (10) lucky winners will be announced on September 1, 2010. Good luck everyone!