August 5, 2010

My Son's first car

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes
Car buying has changed drastically in the twenty years since I bought my first car. My son turned 16 three months ago and I kept giving him very specific instructions on what we needed in his first car. I did this mainly to keep my little baby from behind the wheel of a car.
At the time I didn't realize that my little boy was using our hughes net internet service to find a vehicle that exactly matched my ridiculous stipulations! When I finally stopped adding new requirements he came to me and showed me several saved pages of cars that matched my requirements. He could tell me the history of the car, where we could find the best price, how much gas the car used, and even the projected resale value. I have to say that after this situation I feel much better about the prospects of my little baby's future, if he goes after it like he did this car. I'll never understand how we ever stumbled through life without the abilities that the internet provides for us, but I have to say I'm thankful.
After I saw how painless this process was for him I've spent much more time shopping for purses online: and convincing my husband that they are excellent deals!


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