September 29, 2010

Canadian Fishing Trip

Guest post written by Joseph Finch
I was watching my Direct tv one Saturday morning, and saw a fishing show about Ontario that was really interesting. I wouldn't have thought that I would be so drawn into the show and so entranced by the destination that I would spend the next few days planning a fantasy vacation in my head that would turn into a reality. Sitting around at work, I found a fishing lodge in Ontario that offered a great deal, and started to just browse for tickets, just to see if anything was a good deal. I found a site that advertised in commercials and they had a phenomenal deal for flights. I had vacation time, but nothing planned because vacations can be so expensive sometimes. I called a few work buddies of mine up and we decided that it would be a great time, and a good way to use our vacation time up, as none of us had anything else to use it for! It was a blast! I've never pulled so many fish out of a lake! It was a great time! My buddies asked me how I thought to go there- I just smiled and said that I just saw it on a TV show and thought it'd be a good idea. It sure was! I've never taken a vacation that was so much fun.


Sherry said...

about fishing trip my dear promise me to bring me go but not yet

torque15 said...

sunny days are great days for fishing.