September 22, 2010

Favorite College Football Team: University of Miami

Thanks to Erasmo Cortez
One of my favorite football teams to watch on my cable tv deal is the University of Miami. I simply love the University of Miami's football team for a bunch of reasons. First off, I think that the University of Miami is lead by a great coach. The coach, Randy Shannon, has so much heart for Hurricanes football. By the way, the team name for the University of Miami football team is the Miami Hurricanes. I think it is appropriate, because once the University of Miami is done playing another team, that team usually feels like it has been hit by a hurricane. Aside from being a team with class, style, and spunk, the University of Miami has many trophies and titles under its belt. The University of Miami has won a bunch of bowl games and is just overall a high quality team.
I did not attend the University of Miami, but I have a few friends who went there for undergrad. It is always fun to gather at one of their places to watch the University of Miami football games. Even better, sometimes my friends even give me tickets to attend the games. It is so much fun to travel down to Miami and watch the game in the scorching heat. Some people wouldn't like this, however, I am all about the Miami Hurricanes so I don't mind!


torque15 said...

counted pa ni dhemz kung 1st commenter ko? heheheh 1st time ever kung counted. akong favorite miami kay CSI miami ug si horatio caine