September 14, 2010

Ruffle Trim Wedge Sandals

A week ago I picked up my orders from I chose to picked them at their store to avoid shipping fees. Glad they have a store nearby. I bought these sandals for only $12.49 (buy 1 take 1). I like these pairs a lot. A cork trim wedge sandals feature ruffle trim like a flowing waterfall down the arch of your foot. It's a sling back strap with buckle closure.

merchandise: $24.98
shipping & handling: free
order discount: -$12.49
sales tax: $1.03
order total: $13.52


nuts said...

for onl/ $12.49? me two pairs na..affordable and wow ha, ang ganda! sexy sandals!

Jag said...

Napadaan. Nice review hehehe...

torque15 said...

these are so nice. and sole-sexy kaayo