January 11, 2011

Contemporary Coffee Tables

Our living room right now is quiet empty. It’s empty because we got rid off our living room furniture when we moved here in Texas. I was not upset about it. Actually I was happy that we donated them at goodwill. So last week, my husband and I decided to purchase a new sofa and loveseat online. The items will be delivered pretty soon. I can’t wait. Hubby thought that we should also get a couple of contemporary coffee tables that matches our sofa and loveseat. Well, I have no problem with his idea as long as he’ll pay for it.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Kami traditional lang hheheh

Lulu Post said...

as long as he will pay... why not

Anonymous said...

korek, need bitaw nila na. kay saun man if mopalit tag sala set, dli man apil tanan sa set. lahi2 jud ug price