January 27, 2011

Luggage Sets

My family loves to travel. We like to discover new places and come up with new ideas for vacation spots. Last year, we flew several times on both international and domestic flights. So this year we are planning to hit the road again. We are going to take a road trip in a few months. It’s been 3 years since our last road trip. I think this year is going to be more exciting because we are going to meet a family friend. I guess I need to get a new luggage sets for our upcoming trip.


Mel_Cole said...

Yotch, how i wish I can travel again to Philippines so I can buy luggages too. I miss my family back home.

Unknown said...

pa join naman aheheh.

Unknown said...

wala ko ka leave ug comments diri bayot ganiha ky sumthing wrong with blogger. labay ko kadali, ug dili alas dose dili mag bloghop ning inahana da hehe