February 9, 2011

SLR Cameras

I consider photography as one of my passions. I love taking photos since I was in elementary. I remember my very first own camera when I was in first year high school. It was a gift given to me from my parents.
Now as technology progresses, I barely see people use film cameras anymore. Most people are using digital cameras nowadays, and many are using slr cameras as well. I personally have a total of 5 digital cameras and 1 slr camera. Right now, I am enjoying my SLR. It takes wonderful pictures.


Karen Chayne said...

ako pud sis mahilig ug picture... labi na sa akong kaugalingon..nyahahah!

tuod sis, mao ni akong complete list sa akong mga blogs...







pastilan.. 6 nani kabuok ug basin madungangan pa ni..nyahaha!

please send me all the links pud sa imong mga blogs sis ha kay ako pud ni ibutang sa akong blogroll sa tanan nako blogs.. hehehe!

thankies! mwah!

Karen Chayne said...

pwede pud kani sis para diretso na ang mga links.. hehehe!

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Unknown said...

pwd giveaway nlgn un other cams:)