March 3, 2011

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables, also known as cocktail tables, are often used to highlight a living space. Choosing the perfect coffee table can be difficult since there are so many varieties to choose from.

Here at, you will get to browse through our extensive selection making it easier for you to decide which coffee tables suit your needs.

Since they are usually placed in front of a couch, it is ideal that coffee tables are of approximately the same height as that of the sofa. Items placed on them, like a glass of juice, will then be accessible to those sitting on the sofa.

Console tables, commonly known as sofa tables, are usually long and narrow and are placed at the back of the sofa. For added functionality, shelves are also incorporated in the design. Small items, like keys and purses, can be kept in these shelves.

When you purchase a coffee table set, you will usually get two end tables. These end tables are placed at either side of the sofa. Whether it’s an elegantly shaped end table or a modern one made of glass or metal, the right end table can enhance your d├ęcor.