March 4, 2011

Need Medical Uniforms?

It's a pity that my cousin's medical uniforms have been in her closet for almost three years now. The last time she had used them was during her care-giving training in 2008. I think she only had a couple pair of uniforms because she was tight on budget that time. When the training started she was put on a graveyard shift, and, finding no more time for laundry, buying at least two more pairs of discount medical scrubs became necessary. Saving her time, because soon as she was out from her 11-7am shift, she will just grab her milk and sandwich and she will be off to dreamland in no time.

Great that her discount nursing scrubs are of quality fabrics, so ironing does not consume much of her time. The iron glides easily on the soft fabric. She told me that her co-workers often notices how the scrubs suits her and still notices some curbs even the scrubs were somewhat loose.