March 3, 2011

South Shore Platform Beds

South Shore Furniture Industries carries the distinction of being the leader in North American furniture manufacturing. Since its humble beginning in 1940, the company now offers full lines of all types of home furnishing products. It includes bedroom furniture, desks, TV stands, office furniture and more.

Eugene Laflamme founded South Shore Furniture Industries in 1940. He purchased a wooden toy business that declared bankrupt. He decided to expand the company’s product line to include kitchen tables and chairs.

It was in 1952 when South Shore Furniture released its line of Bedroom Furniture. It included items such as Southshore Beds, Southshore Desks, Southshore Dressers, Southshore Nightstands, as well as Mirrors and Armoires. The creation of the bedroom Furniture line gave way to the company’s huge success.

In 1970, Eugene Laflamme’s son, Guy Laflamme succeeded as the Chairman of South Shore Furniture Industries. By 1978, Guy Laflamme has three factories running smoothly. He invested and expanded each factory making South Shore Furniture Industries a powerhouse in home and office furnishing industries.

The third generation of leadership was seen in 1999 when Jean Laflamme was appointed as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of South Shore Furniture Industries. His efforts in expanding the company made it possible for South Shore Platform Beds to be regarded as the leader in providing home and office furnishings all across North America.