June 23, 2011

Guess Shirt

One of Akesha's birthday present from mamiLulu last April was a Guess shirt. Akesha wore it for the first time on Father's day last weekend. It fits perfectly on her. Thanks again sponsor!...hehehehe....:)
Candy overload! A quarter of a pound is $2.75. This candy store is one of the tourist traps you can find here in our place....lol!


Lulu Post said...

wow generous sponsor lol

Lovingly Mama said...

yeah generous sponsor. can we ask to be sponsored, too? LOL i would love to be in this candy store|!

btw sis, i have a simple guessing game in my blog. please do join:

Guess how many balls Giveaway

raya said...

wow! i love the colors!! oo nga, generous sponsor! :)) early visit from pf sis, hope you could check mine out at http://bustlingbangkok.info/flowers-ramkhamhaeng-university/

diaper days said...

sos pagka gwapa nalang sa imong dalaga nyora..anyway visiting from PF..

mitchteryosa said...

Wow Guess shirt!

Pengeng candies!

clavs said...

guess shirt might be expensive! happy PF, mine is here: http://clavsupclose.blogspot.com/2011/06/pink-friday_23.html

Yannie said...

Candies...mmmm yummy... I'm currently selling gummies and medyo okay pud baya nag kita. But Will not purchase another pack kay I'm afraid basig naay ingredients that is not good for the kids

My entries for Pink Fridays:

Name the Flower Please
Comments: Accept it or Not?
More Spoolie Dolls

Unknown said...

wow,plenty of candies hehehe would love to be there! and very generous sponsor naman, nice pink guess shirt.

happy PF!

hope you can stop by at:



hope to see you, thanks!

LivingSoAbundantly said...

That's a child's dream come true--adults, too! The chocolate is calling my name. =D

Silvergirl said...

the shirt is beautiful.. love those gummies

Verna Luga said...

HI Dhemz.. wow, mura mag mansion ni Willa Wonka unya ang tig-hatag si Akesha... candy land .. kalami ani oi.. labay ko..

Rcel said...

Pagkagwapa jud ni Akesha oi! Angayan kaayo sa pink Guess! :)

My Pinks:
Blooms on my Last Day of Class
Pink in the Mirror
Hope to see you! Thanks and have a great weekend!

Stef said...

She is but lovely in her tee. A late visit from PF. Here is my entry .

BTW, hope you can join us at Messy Go Round meme my daughter is hosting. THank you.

imriz said...

fots to a "tee" tlg. ganda nman jan, higanteng candy jars..pwd sa color connection ni ms burrito:)

Unknown said...

can i have those candies? heheh

see yah @ my PF entry


Chubskulit Rose said...

Ang bait naman ng sponsor hehehe..

cheerful said...

wow, that's nice...she's pretty! and i love her candy background...yummy! happy Sunday! :)

♥FreakyehS♥ said...

Maayo paka bayot ky maka catch up sa mga meme, ako na gyud ni minusan akong game uy ky ako na gyud napabayaan ang blogging ug blog hop. salamat sa mga visit tsang

Life's Daily Essential said...

haguy, taymsa, unya ra ng T-shirt...kanang nasa likod ni Akesha...pagkalami ba ana oi...kahinumdum ko sa Sweden, naa pod store nga ingon ani, naa tanan flavor...naa pod kina asluman, kina paitan, etc...hahaha

Anyways back to shirt, galante jud ni Lulu ba kay Guess man. oi, nag ask baya diay ko nimo ug size ni kulot ha? nakalimot na lang sad noon ko hehehehe