June 7, 2011

New York, New York!

Guest post written by Rolf Tate

When I first moved to New York I had no idea what to expect. Obviously, I heard all the horror stories about how rude people were, how disgusting the city was, and how I had to constantly watch my back and make sure I didn't get mugged. Really, I wish someone had prepared me for how hard it was going to be moving all my earthly belongings into the fourth floor walk up apartment. That was the real challenge! My roommate was great and she already had a lot of furniture so I didn't need to bring too much, but she put me in charge of utilities to help pull my weight. I contacted the water company and a cable provider soon after I got there and signed us up for Clearwirelessinternet so we'd have Internet access all over the apartment. I was actually really excited about being able to take my Internet all over the city with me. Turns out, I do a lot of my work in parks and from, so it's been a great investment!