September 16, 2011


Hubby and I don't like to splurge fancy stuff for our daughter unless there is a compelling need. To think about it, most of her toys came from kids value!
Recently, we bought her a $1.00 whistle from Walmart, and she's so happy when we give it to her.  She's taking care of it like it is the most valuable and precious toy she! She likes playing it after watching her favorite shows at FreeTVOnline. Have you ever heard of this website? Spreety TV Online is a free television guide for the Internet. It is the clean, family friendly way to watch TV shows online. You should check it out!


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Ahh wow, she uses the recorder in the right way di preha ning ako pang noise pollution, ako sd tsang most of jake and justine toys are from their cousins, mao siguro mura na overwhelmed ning duha ky daghan mn. dili na kabalo mo appreciate

imriz said...

sb nga ng mga psychlogist when u buy toys, don't tell her, "O, this is expensive ha". treat every toys kahit tig piso lng as all the other toys daw. :)

Vernz@ Green Home Elements said...

hala.. wala kay bitin diha Akesha.. heheh... sagdi oi paliti lang... hehehe :)