July 21, 2011

AirSoft Guns

More and more people, especially teenagers, are playing airsoft these days. Airsoft is a recreational activity wherein participants use replica firearms that shoot non-metallic pellets in simulated scenarios such as combat situations. Participants are usually organized in groups and are given objectives that they have to complete during a specified time or before the other teams complete theirs. There are specified venues for this activity. Participants are required to wear the proper gear for their own protection and enjoyment. Goggles are worn to protect the eye in case they are accidentally hit by the pellets. Full face masks are worn to protect the other vulnerable parts of the face. Only required AirSoft Guns are used. As with any sport or recreational activities, guidelines have to be followed to minimize accidents. These activities are only held in controlled environments so that all the guidelines are followed and to protect all the participants. Have you ever played this game before? My brother-in-law loves to play airsoft and paintball. He has all kinds of tactical gears at his house. I wonder where did he buy those gadgets from. I wish someday my husband and I could play airsoft together, but for now I have to look for the right equipment to use in the game.