July 8, 2011


Sports, anyone? I learned to love watching all kinds of sports ever since I got hooked with the husband who is a self-proclaim sports enthusiast! In the summer, baseball is all over our TV every time there is a game in one particular channel. On winter, NBA couldn’t be left behind either. And all those kinds of sports shown at every sporting channel, the husband never fails to take a glance at the players and so, who wouldn’t get hooked? Ask him almost anything about sports and he will have something to say. When the Packers won last year’s Superbowl Championship, he thought that he might be getting ourselves NFL tickets to watch the Packers play in person. Sounds so exciting, yes, but when I search NFL tickets, I feel like backing out when I saw the prices. Ha ha ha. You can tell that I am not too willing to spend those amounts in just a game, huh? Well, if I can watch it on TV, my theory is, I don’t need to go to the field or court. I think I can’t stand the noise that’s why! Anyway, get your NFL tickets now if you are an NFL fan!