August 15, 2011

Dental Care

Some schools are taking a more active role in the overall health of their students. Gone are the days when a school is only concerned about whether or not their students regularly go to school and pass their subjects. They now implement programs that will help make their students more active which encourages them to be healthier. Schools have sports programs that students can participate in. These sports programs do not only help the students improve their abilities in certain sports but also encourages them to maintain a healthy body so that they will be able to participate in their chosen sport. School cafeterias now serve nutritious meals instead of the usual junk foods. Students are also given lessons or seminars buy nutritionists on what proper nutrition is. The school clinic is equipped with what they need to provide immediate medical attention to their students. If any student need further and more complicated medical treatment, they would bring the student to the nearest hospital.

Schools are also working with parents, encouraging them to take an active role in their children’s overall health. The dental health of each student is also given an equal importance. They encourage the parents to Find Dentists that can provide all the necessary treatment that they may need.


SheiLove said...

In publis school in cebu city tsang theres an organization who sponsores the dental of the kids, they visit every friday for brushing and flouride