August 8, 2011

Mom and I

The Author of this post is Velma Baird

My mom and I started a business a few years back where we’d essentially flip houses. We’d buy up old ones in the neighborhood and spend a few months contracting out the work and getting it to look the way we wanted. It all went really well for the longest time but when the market crashed our business went down with it so we had to figure out some other way to make money since we were sitting on three houses that just wouldn’t sell. We decided the best solution was to rent them out and now we’re doing just that! We went to WWW.SHOPELECTRICITYRATESTEXAS.COM to keep the utilities down since renters aren’t usually too cautious with things like that and posted an ad in the student newspaper. We’ve got three great tenants and each one has been a dream renter! No smokers, dogs and so far (cross your fingers) no late payments so things are really looking up for the little business that could, as my mom likes to call it!