September 13, 2011


13 x 13.5mm Multicolor South Sea Pearl Necklace - 16 inch
There are various ways how one can express her sense of style. A change in ones hairstyle can make a big change on how a person looks. The most common way on how a person can express her sense of style is by the way she dress. Her choice of clothes will speak a lot about her preferences and even what her mood is for that day. Her clothes can also have an effect on how others perceive her. Some people usually develop their first impression depending on how a person carries herself.
While some people take extra effort in choosing the right clothes to wear, others choose to just wear simple clothes paired with accessories that will accentuate their look. There are those who wear a simple shirt accentuated with a colorful scarf. Some choose to wear their favorite jewelry like pearl earrings or necklace with pearls. I honestly like pearls. It’s simple but yet elegant. I have my first set of necklace and earring pearl jewelry when I was in senior high school. It was a gift from my parents on my graduation day.
Looking fashionable does not necessarily mean buying all the trendiest clothes. It means knowing how to achieve a stylish look by choosing the right clothes and accessories.


Body jewelry said...

Everyone has sense of style and i think it is the demand of time to be stylish.Pearl jewellery enhance charm in personality. I am truly impressed with your post .Keep sharing.

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