October 6, 2011


Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

There has recently been a lot of controversy in our town about billboards. We have a main interstate that runs by the town (about five exits). Scattered starting twenty miles before and twenty miles after the town the billboard starts. Many of them are tasteful like securitychoice advertisements and gas station advertisements, others are quite offensive. They are not necessarily verbally offensive, but a lot of families in the community have been up in arms. The billboards are advertising strip clubs that mostly attract travelers. They have pictures of women in compromising positions in bathing suits and high heels. The organization that has tried to go up against the strip clubs that are advertising have asked that they have the subjects more clad. The strip club has refused to change the billboard and claims free speech and not showing nudity. I just still can’t decide where I fall in the argument. The women are dressed, but I still don’t agree with strip clubs and don’t want my five year old asking me what the billboard is advertising.


Unknown said...

weee maayo jd basta naa lng GP once a week sa, ka nice unta