January 6, 2012

Lake house

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

We recently purchased a lake house as our second home in New York. We have always enjoyed going to the lake in the summers and on weekends when our kids are in school, but we always stayed with friends or rented a place to get a little vacation. Our house sits right on the lake, and we have a boat and one of the double decker docks where you can sit on top or lay out in the sun. Our plan is to rent out our house during certain times of the year when we know we will not be using it. It is perfect for people with big families that need a lot of bedroom space for their children and friends. We decided to try to save as much money as we could on fixing up the place with it still looking really nice and homey. We also knew we wanted to shop for our electricity through new york energy rates because we knew what a great deal you can get. The furniture we got is all kind of country looking to fit in with the lake atmosphere. I know we are going to make so many memories at the lake house. I just wish we could stay there all the time.