February 10, 2012

Bathroom Girl

I knew she's in the bathroom, but I'm not sure if she's brushing her teeth or she's on the potty. And when I checked...she's playing with my phone...waaaaa!
"Akesha, put the phone away! Can you brush your teeth now please?" (me yelling...lol)


Rovie said...

yay! ahahahaha.... pa simple lang amg palusot ni AKesh aron makadula sa phone ni Mommy...

Smart kiddo but please don't do it again baby...hehehe

gengen said...

Hheeh kids really smarty :) From PF!

Gaylee said...

Now who is smarter? Haha! Good luck Mommy! Visditing from PF :)

emzkie said...

aw vry cute little lady in pink hello kitty pj's. =)


Rcel said...

Hahaha! Smart kiddo has truly outsmarted Mommy, eh? Keep your phone out of rich by children lagi! Lol. Nag-yell na ka Dhemz pero naka-please japon? I'm sure tuo ra si Akesh ana! LOL

Adik na kaayo mga kiddos karon sa techi no? Liwat na sa mga inahan! Hahaha. Ang Triz kay ang iPod Touch pud iyahang ka-adikan. Bisan magkaon, mohangyo if she can have the ipod sa table daw while she eats. Kurog sya sa ka-tough sa inahan kay ang rule kay only foods are allowed on the table man. and when it's eating time, it's eating time. maygani kay mokurog pa sya, makapatuo pa. I have yet to catch her hide from me nga nag-concentrate sa ipod though. LOL

Visiting for PF here!

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Jessica said...

awww! love her hair accessories Mommy Dhemz, looking comfy on her jammies and Mom's phone is cute, love the pink color too :-) Visiting from Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the visit too.


Rosemarie said...

hahaha.. what a techie little cute miss, visiting for Pink Fridays, i hope you can also return the visit at


see you around!!!!

Unknown said...

nice girl..

visiting for PF


Ate K said...

Haha! Clever way to hide from Mommy huh! Visiting from PF.