June 1, 2012

Flame Resistant Clothing

Employers have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their employees. Regardless of how big or small their company may be or how many their employees are, it is their responsibility to make sure that all their employees are safe while working. They should make a thorough risk assessment to determine the health and safety hazards at the workplace. They have to make sure that all equipment and machinery are working properly and are safe to use. They must make sure that all of the materials used at the factory are handled and stored properly. Only qualified employees should be allowed to operate machineries that require a particular level of technical skill. All employees should be made aware of the potential hazards that they are facing as they do their job. If they have to use certain chemicals and substances, they must know how to use them properly. They should also know what to do if the chemicals have accidentally entered their system. Employers should provide all the necessary protective gear and clothing. Flame Resistant Clothing with the right level of fire resistance should be provided. All these safety procedures are not only for the safety of the employees but they will also benefit the employers themselves.