June 17, 2012


There are very few wardrobe pieces that a women can wear thorough her life and still remain fashion forward and looking fabulous. Silk scarves are one such item. They can remain fashionable as decades pass, and with any weight fluctuations. A silk scarf can take outfits between different seasons. For example if you cannot say goodbye to your favourite summer outfit, the simple addition of an appropriate silk scarf can take your outfit into the winter and even beyond. Silk scarves can add that special ‘wow’factor to any outfit; they can make even the plainest dress look fabulous through the addition of that pop or splash of colour. Kaleidoscarf is any scarf fashionista’s dream. The company launched in 2011, offering premium 100 % quality silk scarves. These scarves are made from the finest quality silk twill using the highest grade printmaking techniques. There are over 40 different designs available which are catered to fit the needs and wants of any woman. You can choose from floral prints of various colours, and sizes, animals prints, a navy theme, geometric designs and so much more. The edges of the scarves are hand rolled and sewn just as in designer scarf. If you are feeling like having an adventure-why not try a funky leopard print scarf, or a trip to the beach might call for a navy theme. These scarves look like designer pieces but they do not cost designer prices, after all, scarves are an inexpensive way to add glamour to an outfit. With literally dozens of different ways to tie a scarf, no two outfits have got to be the same again. So if you are looking for a gift for that special woman in your life, consider a silk scarf, especially if that special woman is just you