August 31, 2012

Free TV Online

Watching Free TV Online is a great way to save money! Spreety TV Online is the free television guide for TV online. The guide is family friendly, navigatable, and links to the right places to watch free TV shows online.

August 30, 2012

Weirdest Things Ever Sold Online

In today's era nothing is impossible when it comes to buying and selling stuff online! You can buy anything and everything you can think of. Like stuff you never even knew existed. Check out this infographic below.
I think online shopping is the best idea. Most items I buy online are clothes, shoes and home & kitchen products. I just bought some mats and rugs yesterday. Shopping online is hassle FREE! 

August 29, 2012

Review and Giveaway | FunBites

Do you have little picky eaters at home? Well, FunBites is a great solution to get picky eaters to eat a variety of healthy foods. Fun Bites makes food fun, and exciting for kids. Each pack includes its own cutter with curved blades that quickly cuts food into small bites and a matching popper that instantly pops out the fun-shaped pieces so hands are clean, food is untouched. You can use this great product on burgers, lunch meat, cheese, melon, pancakes, french toast, and more.
Recently, I was given the chance to work with Funbites. They sent me a complimentary geometric heart shaped Funbite in exchange for a review.
My daughter likes this kind of activity. You know cutting foods into fun shapes. She had a blast using the geometric heart shaped Funbite cutter.
Now you don't have to cook special meals for picky eaters. Just use funbites! It's super easy, and super fun to use. I highly recommend this product.
Step 1: Place Fubites cutter on top of food. Remove popper top and place to the side.
Step 2: Grab handles on both side of the cutter. Press down, and firmly rock back and forth 5-6 timed to cut all the way through the food. 
Step 3: Insert popper top. Lift cutter up from food and push down popper to pop out fun-shaped bite-sized pieces.
You can buy each mold for $12.99 or buy both for the price of $22.00 only. How about getting it for free? Well, why not join the giveaway and get a chance to win a 12 fun bite-sized squares from Funbites. Giveaway ends on September 28th. Open to US and Canada bloggers only.

August 27, 2012

Sheepskin Seat Covers

We all know how sensitive a baby’s skin can be. Their skin can have different reactions to the things that they come in contact with. This is why we need to be careful about the various products that we use on our babies. We must make sure that the products that they use do not contain any harmful chemicals. Since babies spend most of their time sleeping, we need to provide them with beddings that will allow them to sleep comfortably. A sheepskin mattress cover is non-allergenic and is ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. Your baby will feel comfortable and is sure to feel calm during bedtime. You can also buy some sheepskin boots. This type of footwear will keep your baby’s feet warm during the cold winter months. These sheep skin products can be bought from retailers that offer a variety of sheepskin products such as sheepskin seat covers, footwear, home accessories and luxury seat car covers.
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Dial Soap

This is the kind of body soap we usually get sometimes. Smells good and cheap!

August 23, 2012

Prada iPad Cases 
An iPad is one electronic gadget that is fast becoming a popular choice among consumers mainly because they can be used for a variety of purposes. It a gadget that is easy to use and can be brought anywhere. If you are an active internet user who is also always on the go, an iPad is a gadget that you may want to invest in. Checking one’s email is also made more convenient as well as viewing files, documents and photos. If you love to read but you find bringing a bulky book with you inconvenient, then an iPad is also something that can address your need of being able to read a great novel. An iPad is also suitable for music lovers since it can store your favorite songs and you can even view your favorite music videos. Using an iPad case is also important since it will provide the protection that you iPad needs. There are a number of stylish and durable Prada iPad cases that you can choose from. There is sure to be one that will suit your preferences.

August 21, 2012

Faucets and Shower Heads

In planning for the design of your bathroom, you must make sure that you consider all the components of your new bathroom. The layout of your bathroom should be well planned so that you can make the most of the available space that you have. Aside from choosing a theme that complements the whole design of your home, you must make sure that it is functional and can answer the needs of your family. You can get some bathroom design ideas from magazines and home improvement websites. You also need to know where you can find all the materials and bathroom fixtures that you need such as faucets and shower heads at an affordable price. If you also need to buy some bathroom accessories such as towel racks and soap dispensers, you also need to set aside a budget for them. You don’t need to buy everything though, if there are still some bathroom fixtures and accessories that you have in your current bathroom that can still fit the theme that you want for your new bathroom, you can still use them.

August 20, 2012

Kellogg's Mini Wheats

This is one of hubby and daughter's favorite cereals.I have no clue why they both like! Daughter told me: It's really good, mama!
Packed with fiber and 8 layers of whole grains, lightly frosted Bite Size biscuit.What's your favorite kind of cereal?

Bulb Specialist

We often hear about the importance of being responsible when it comes to using products that help save and protect the earth’s resources and the environment as a whole. Using energy efficient LCD bulb, for one, not only helps save money but more importantly it helps save on energy. These energy efficient bulbs last longer and use less energy compared to normal light bulbs. These are just some of the reasons why more and more residences and commercial buildings are now using them instead of the normal bulbs that people are used to.

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August 17, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets

Are you currently in the process of remodeling your kitchen? If you want to save on the new cabinets that you plan to install, you can consider buying rta kitchen cabinets instead of premade ones. Ready to assemble cabinets are cheaper and they also come in a variety of styles and colors which can complement the theme that you want for your new kitchen. And since you will be assembling them on your own, you save on labor costs since you don’t have to hire someone to install your new kitchen cabinets.

August 16, 2012

Salisbury Steaks

Have you tried this before? This family size salisbury steaks is perfect for dinner! I always have a box or two in my fridge just in case I don't have time to cook. It's really good and delicious!
I usually add mushrooms or green beans every time I prepare this food.

MF Resonator Guitar

Shopping for musical instruments online has now been made more convenient because most online musical instrument retailers offer a wide variety of items that customers can choose from. They do not only have the popular musical instruments such as keyboards, drums and guitars such as the MF resonator guitar but they also have accessories and other gadgets that one would need if he is to put up his own recording studio. He can shop from different online retailers especially from those that offer quality products at reasonable prices.


I received a complimentary box of Necresse a few days ago. Thanks a lot Splenda!
NECTRESSETM Natural No Calorie Sweetener is 150 times sweeter than sugar and can be used in cooking and baking to add natural, zero calorie per serving sweetness in your favorite beverages and a delicious variety of foods. NECTRESSETM Sweetener is available in both convenient single-serve packets (40 servings) and easy to hold canisters (140 servings) with a multipurpose lid for sprinkling, pouring or spooning. NECTRESSETM Sweetener is available now in grocery stores, drug stores, supercenters and online for suggested retail prices of $3.99 (packets) and $6.99 (canisters).
Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade
If you would like to get a free sample, you should visit their website today!

Car Title Loans Jacksonville

For Car Title Loans Jacksonville, you should visit now! With the uncertainty of today’s economy, there are still quite a number of families that are still struggling with how they will be able to provide for their daily needs. This presents a big problem especially in emergency situations where they need to come with a certain amount of money as soon as possible. Car Title Loans Jacksonville can provide them the cash that they need at the most flexible terms. The process is also quick which is ideal in emergency situations.

Cheap Eyeglasses Online

One of the most important things that you have to remember when shopping online is to make sure that you are only buying from trusted online retailers. If, for instance, you are in the market for cheap eyeglasses online, you need to make as much research as you can about the online retailer. Read reviews, consumer reports and feedback from customers to ensure that you are not being scammed into buying eyeglasses that are of poor quality. You need to make sure that even if the eyeglasses are being offered at a very low rate, you are still going to be able to get quality eyeglasses. You also need to check out their customer service and make sure that they can be easily contacted especially in cases when customers need to tell them of whatever concerns they may have about their products. You have to be cautious so that you don’t get scammed and that your rights as a consumer are protected.

August 15, 2012

Crocs 2 for $20

These are the pairs of crocs shoes that I purchased a few weeks ago from I paid $21.33 only (tax and shipping included) for these two pairs.
The original price for my shoes is $49.99 but it was on sale for $6.66. For my daughter's shoes, the original price was $39.99 but it was on sale for $13.32. I really like my new crocs. They're comfortable and great quality.

Golf Accessories and More!

Buying high end golf clubs is not a necessity especially for beginners who are still trying to get a feel of the game and are still not decided on whether it is a hobby they want to pursue or not. Beginners may just borrow golf clubs or buy some used ones first. But if they really want to spend a lot of time practicing to learn the basic of playing golf properly and improve their skills, they need to invest in quality golf clubs. The quality of the clubs they will use can make a major contribution on the improvement of the level of their playing skills. There are various retailers that sell various brands of golf clubs as well as other essentials such as golf putters, golf apparels, golf wedges, gloves, travel bags and other accessories. You can even find online retailers that offer quality golf accessories at discounted prices.

August 14, 2012

How Scrap Platinum is Used to Make Jewelry

Platinum is statistically 35% rarer than gold, and this rarity combined with its aesthetic appeal and strength make it one of the most valuable metals on earth and a popular choice for jewelry makers. However, platinum is also found in many other industrial products, from wires and lab equipment to automobile parts. For this reason, many jewelry makers source their platinum not from mining companies but from brokers who specialize in selling scrap metals. The following paragraphs explain the process of how scrap platinum is used to make jewelry:

1. Brokers and Individuals Buy and Sell Scrap Platinum

The first step in scrap platinum being converted to jewelry involves the recycling of the precious metal through brokers. After confirming the purity of the metal, people bring their old jewelry to a metal broker. Other platinum containing items that are commonly bought and sold as scrap platinum include:

  • Catalytic converters (found in automobiles) contain anywhere from $40 to $200 in platinum content, and can be found in old vehicles at junkyards.

  • Thermocouple platinum wire is commonly used (and wasted) in the plumbing and heating industries.

  •  Crucibles (platinum has a high melting point so it is a common component of crucibles that are used to melt down other types of metals).

2. A Crucible is used to Melt down the Scrap Platinum

A jeweler purchases the scrap platinum from a broker, then places pieces of the scrap into a crucible (a small, yet highly refractory vessel), and adds a small amount of flux (a mineral derived from borax) to prevent oxidation of the metal as it heats. Once inside the crucible, the platinum is melted down with a butane torch, and stirred with a graphite rod to encourage faster melting.

3. An Ingot Mold, Jeweler’s Saw, Mandrel and/or Other Equipment is Used to Shape the Platinum

After the platinum is sufficiently molten, the jeweler picks up the crucible using metal tongs and pours the melted platinum into an ingot mold where it can be stored for current and later use after cooling. The cooled platinum is then progressively reduced into a more malleable, flat sheet using a jewelry rolling mill (the jeweler can control the thickness of the sheet using this tool). From this point a jeweler’s saw can be used to cut out pieces of jewelry into predefined shapes (i.e. pendants), or a strip of the platinum can be hammered against a ring/bracelet mandrel to form a ring or bracelet.

Image Source:

August 12, 2012

Deluxe Tea Set

I got a pretty good deal with this tea set. I bought it for only $5.00 at a flea market. Really cheap for a tea set like this. Daughter was jumping up and down after I paid for it.

Pain Management in Lynwood, CA

Chronic pain is something that millions of people are dealing with. That is why you need to visit the Pain Management Lynwood CA. This condition might be a cause of an injury or of a chronic condition that a person have been dealing with for a long period of time. Patients who suffer from chronic pain should make sure that they explore all the possible treatments that are available to them. Pain Management Lynwood CA treatment centers can help them get the proper treatment they require as well as help them understand better the condition that they have and what they can do to better manage the pain.

Aero Kids Graphic Tee

Another great deal I found at aeropostale kids website. Really cute for $3.99. Original price was $17.50. My daughter loves the shirt and its color combination.

Data Storage

Nowadays, computers are considered as an integral part of most businesses. The use of computers and its various applications and programs help businesses provide the kinds of products and services that consumers need. As a business grows, the need for a bigger space for data storage also increases. Your business would accumulate a large number of data over time and this includes information about your clients and other important files and documents that are important to your business operations. Data storage systems can help a business store and retrieve important data whenever they have to. This can contribute to the smooth flow of business operations and can help improve the quality of service that their clients need. The proper data storage system can also provide the security required to protect all the essential business information and prevent data loss and damage. Small and medium enterprises can avail of affordable data storage solutions for all their data storage needs.

August 10, 2012

Famous Footwear’s Amazing Promo

This post brought to you by Famous Footwear. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every time I hear the words back-to-school, it somehow excites me yet at the same time I am a bit worried because it could mean new shoes for my daughter again. It’s another added expenses to shoulder again in our part and it is now time to hunt for discounts and promo so at least we can minimize our expenses.
And things changed when I discover what Famous Footwear has offered. Their Buy One, Get One Half Off promotion is probably the best deal I have seen and on top of that is another 15% off. Hurry now and print the BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon so you will be able to take advantage of these amazing deals. Much more that you can join their FREE Rewards Program which gives you more benefits like:
  • Earning 1 point for every $1 you spend in-store or online.
  • Accumulate points to earn certificates up to $100 a year.
  • Discount offer just for signing up.
  • Other special inside discounts and perk.
Join now and save for your back-to-school shopping at affordable prices. I’m sure you’re going to save big time from the hundreds of brand name shoes and thousands of styles that are available. Will that not excite you to go shopping now? Well it should be and grab its benefits because the promo runs until 18 July. So what are you waiting for? You should Famous Footwear today before this promo ends. I might have to get a new pair of shoes for my daughter.

August 9, 2012

Car Title Loan San Antonio

Car title loans is very popular these days. If you have a car, you are entitled to get a Car Title Loans San Antonio. One of the benefits of getting a car title loan is that it enables the borrower to get the money they need extremely fast. There's nothing to worry about it because it is a simple process, that really only involves the lender looking at your car to make sure it is worth at least the amount you need to borrow. Plus, there's no credit check or background checks involved.
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August 8, 2012

Girls Swimwear for $7.00

I bought a new swimwear for my daughter a few months ago. It was on sale at our local grocery store for $7.00. I thought it's really cute and really cheap. She's been using it during her swimming lesson.

August 7, 2012


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Search Engine Marketing Firm

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Going to the Bathroom or Not

While I was still in the hospital during the delivery of my daughter, I saw this equipment they called bedpan that they let me use in the first two days every time I’m going to pee. I am a bit uncomfortable using the bedpan but I don’t have any choice since it is still so hard to get up and go to the bathroom. Then it made me wonder what would happen for those patients who just came from surgery of broken bones.
I cannot imagine them using a fracture type bedpan and how they are going to deal with it. The discomfort that I endure that time is nothing compare to what they have had. They may have been taking some pain killers but I could not say if they are comfortable with it than the regular western commode. Although this kind of bedpan has a tapered end designed purposely for added patient comfort.

Nowadays, there are already more changes made to the design of this contraption bearing in mind not only the patient comfort but also the ergonomic capability. Some are made of biodegradable plastic with barrier protection from waste and in eliminating the possibility of splashing and spills that will also decreases the likelihood of infection contamination.

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August 6, 2012

Kids Aero Graphic Tee for $3.99

Aeropostale/Aero Kids is one of my favorite online stores when it comes to shirts. I check their website more often and go to their clearance section tab. Last week, Aero Kids had a huge clearance sale from $1.99 and up. When I saw the price, I immediately grabbed 2 shirts for my daughter. It was on sale for $3.99 each. Original price for this shirt is $14.50.

Concert and Party at Sea

At the show that we watched on board the cruise ship, the quality and clarity of the sounds made by the electric guitars were really awesome. I bet the band used tube amp head to connect their instruments to amplify the music. Because of the good music, everyone was in a party mood. People were already dancing to the music and the crowd had almost gone wild. It was indeed one good show, thanks to the group who made it so perfectly well and unforgettable. It was truly a night of music and dancing and just simply having a good time.

Aeropostale Shirts for Men

I purchased a couple of Aero shirts for hubby a few weeks ago. It was on sale for $4.99 each. Original price for each shirt was$17.50 and $26.50. Great savings for quality cotton shirts.

Fountain Water

In one of our road trips, we happen to pass by a nice park with a fountain. The fountain water looked so refreshing and cool so we decided to stop and got out of our car and went to the fountain. Since it was a hot summer day, it was so tempting to take a dip in the pool that catches the waters. But because we had no extra clothes with us, we just satisfied ourselves with the coolness of the waters running through our fingers. It was still fun though, so next time we go on a road trip, I’d bring extra clothes just in case we happen to pass by another water park.

FREE Atkins Sample

I received a FREE sample of Atkins product a few weeks ago. Thanks Atkins! One of my favorite is the Caramel Nut Chew Bar. It's really delicious! A perfect snack bar on the go specially when you're on a diet.

Ford Seat Covers

The car accessories that you buy do not only make your car look good but more importantly they provide you with a more comfortable and safer riding experience. In buying ford seat covers, for instance, the primary things that you need to consider are the quality and the price. Although being the most expensive does not mean that it has the best quality, you also need to consider that those that are the least expensive may be mass produced and may not be built to last for a long time. They easily get torn after only being used a few times. You should also know your car’s make, model and seat style to make sure that you buy only those that fit your car seat. Choose that they are durable, water repellant and machine washable for ease of use and proper maintenance. If you are not sure of what particular seat cover to buy, your local retailer may guide you and help you choose the most suitable seat cover. Make sure that you only transact with trusted retailers to make sure that you only get to purchase authentic car accessories and that you can avail of product warranty which is useful in times when you encounter problems with the products you have purchased.