September 13, 2012

The Classic Look of Bedspreads

Bedspreads are often the finishing touch on a bed. You can find old-fashioned quilted covers and modern microfiber ones in a variety of colors and patterns. Your new foam mattress is going to look fabulous with a colorful, new bedding set on top. If you are searching for something extravagant or something affordable, you are sure to find the perfect spread for your bedroom right here.

Whether your bedroom is styled in an antique manner or clearly contemporary, a patchwork cover makes a wonderful accent piece. This traditional type of spread lasts for years and is always charming. Wool, flannel or quilt-style bedspreads also look lovely in an antique-themed or modern setting. They are nice and cozy for chilly winter nights, but you may want to consider a cotton spread to use during warmer weather. Always factor in the type of bed you have and your bedroom decor when selecting an item to cover your mattress. A brass bed with a memory foam mattress is going to look fabulous with many styles of coverings, such as quilted, French tile and jacquard.

Be creative, and turn your bedroom into something special with a fabulous new bedding set. You can change the look of an entire room with this one single item. Bedspreads are larger and longer than comforters, and they are decorative, sleek and fitted. Whether you choose a lively-patterned one to brighten up the bedroom or an understated, solid-colored one, you can tie the room decor together in just the right manner.