October 22, 2012

What Horse Products Do You Use?

Hi! It’s the farm girl again, talking about what I love the most and that is horses. I simply adore these animals and can’t stop talking about them whenever I have the chance. I spend a lot of my day with my horses and also look after a few others on our farm. Whilst grooming a couple of the new arrivals I noticed that although they had been cared for very well, by giving them a few of the supplements and ointments that I use, I quickly made a difference in the way that they felt and looked.
I wanted to start up a quick conversation on what other products owners use and what success they have had and if they can share any good practices?
Firstly, I’d like to talk about the brand that I always use - I have a range of their products in my cupboard waiting to be applied. NAF Products basically have all the extras that you need to give to your animal. What I’m talking about is hoof oil, calming liquids, joint supplements, and a whole range of other products that are suitable for horses. I am really impressed with what they have and their prices are also reasonable.
NAF » GastriVet » 2kg Tub
I also think giving non-prescription horse supplements on a regular basis is very important to keep your animal in good condition. There are times when their immune system may be low or their coat is lacking the nutrients it needs. I’ll keep an eye on what I give my horses and I find the best method of doing this is to keep a diary.
Lastly, every owner has to have in their artillery is decent horse sheets. I find this important to cover them from the direct sun when it’s exceptionally hot, and keep them warm when it gets a little chilly in the evenings and at night. I use my cover all year round as I like to make sure my animals are warm and comfortable especially during the winter months. I sometimes use it in rainy seasons as well to protect their coat from getting wet and parasites making a home on them.
Hy » Summer Sheet » Navy Check » Size 4' 6
These just a few of my horse tips for other owners and love to hear any more that I haven’t mentioned already.

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