November 3, 2012

Oxford's Covered Market

Is Oxford going to be your next dream vacation destination? Visiting the indoor market oxford is one of the best ways to experience the long and rich heritage of Oxford. The indoor market is a far cry from the untidy and smelly public market stalls that people are used to. At Oxford’s indoor market, you’ll find a wide range of shops where you will find everything that you need. It is a fascinating place to explore and every visit will surely be a memorable experience. Not only do you get to buy the freshest produce but you also get to buy among other things, clothes, gift items and even jewelry. And when you need to take a break from all the shopping, you can go to their trendy cafes and enjoy a cup of coffee or their sandwich shops where you get to enjoy a hearty snack. The more laid back and less commercial appeal of the market continues to be the main reason why people from all walks of life continue to flock the place, either to shop or just spend an afternoon with friends and enjoy an engaging conversation over a cup of coffee and a delicious slice of cake. Whether you are a tourist or a frequent visitor, a visit to the indoor market is something that you should always look forward to.