January 18, 2013

Automated Pleasure

Wearing those ultra luscious lacey underwear might get your man excited but if you wear them over and over, sooner than later you will get both tired of the sexy idea and will think of it as just another routine in bed. It is time to find something else that will both excite you and will hopefully whet your appetite, keeping the magic and excitement, is after all, one of the keys in making a relationship work and last.

If you not the squeamish type and are more of the adventurous kind, and same goes with your better half, I suggest you both try the Roboticblowjob.com site. You might just find something there that might tickle both your fancy and will give you the needed oomph in bed! They have a wide variety of adult toys to choose from so you can go for the best one to suit both you and your man’s preference. To make it more exciting you can probably let each one choose an automated pleasure that you think you will both like and get them! You can alternately use these toys on those days that you think each of you needed a surprise or an extra treat for working too hard all day in the office or at home.