May 23, 2013

Police Wife

This guest post from Werner Rogers
My husband is a police officer and I’m pretty much always worried he’s not going to come home after his shift. I really wish he did something less dangerous but at least he has good benefits and makes enough money that I can stay home with the kids. I really love being a mom and we’ve just purchased our first home which is exciting. Each of the kids have their own rooms and I’ve been spending my days looking into lawnmowers for the yard and on a website my neighbor told me about to research the different utility companies in the area. I’ve never had to sign up for electricity because I’ve always been a renter! There’s something really comforting about having a yard for the dog to play in and a closet for each of the kids. I thought about it long and hard (because my husband was considering quitting the force) and we decided it made more sense for him to keep working for the police company so we could afford a house. We really wanted a place for the kids to grow up and it just made more sense to buy in a good school district while home prices were still cheap enough. The market is really turning around in our area so I was worried if we didn’t buy soon we were going to get priced out of the market like we did last time. I’ve never been one to care about things like that but you know, at the end of the day I had to learn the statistics of the real estate market in our area and do the research about mortgages because my husband’s schedule is just so crazy there’s no way to predict when he would be able to meet with anyone who could help us. Sometimes being a policeman’s wife means feeling like a single mom but I love my husband and I feel like my job is to carry the weight at home.