August 26, 2013

Ease Into Home Ownership with a Condo

After younger adults graduate from college, get a job and begin the long and arduous task of paying off all those college loans they need consider where they will hang their hat. Or rather where they will live. Obviously heading back to Mom & Dad’s house would accepting the defeat of the real world so the decision becomes the choice of apartment, condo, or house.

Now back to those student loans that I was talking about. All kidding aside, if you do just got out of college you need to consider what everything costs. And unless your father has his own business or law firm where you can instantly become employed and make money, then a house payment will probably be out of the question. Just the maintenance, property taxes and insurance costs aside can strike instant fear into the hearts of recent college graduates. A much cheaper option would be to simply rent an apartment. But if after college you’re done with the apartment thing then you could always consider another option.

Many times a better option and a nicer transition to full blown home ownership is purchasing a condo. If you think condos aren’t for you because they might not be as nice as a home then simply take a look at luxury condos in Ft Lauderdale area and you may sing a different tune. Condos can be a great way to ease into the home ownership market at half of the price and fraction of the responsibility. And if you ever need a motivator to work harder just take a short drive over and take a look at the waterfront homes in Ft. Lauderdale, they will really blow you away.