September 25, 2013

Firmoo Cat-Eye Style Sunglasses

It's so retro! These pair of sunglasses are a great deal for the price. Great quality, very light and comfortable to wear. The lens give a brighter vision compared to my other sunglasses. - See more at:

September 23, 2013

A Life Settlement for Financial Security

A life settlement involves the sale of a life insurance policy by the policy owner to a buyer on the secondary market. Often times seniors make the decision to sell their life insurance policy because they believe they no longer need the policy and/or they no longer can afford the policy. But then the decision as to what to do so they can get the best return on all of those premiums they paid.

If you are considering a life settlement there’s several steps. First, one must identify a prospective buyer for one’s policy. Usually, during this step one develops a relationship with a life settlement broker. The life settlement broker, in turn, shares information about the life insurance policy and the insured person’s age and life expectancy in order to solicit an offer by one or more life settlement companies. The best part is that a bidding war can ensue.

Second, the life insurance owner either accepts or rejects the purchase offer from the life settlement company. If the owner rejects the offer, they keep ownership of the policy. If the owner accepts the offer, they receive a lump sum payment from the new owner, in exchange for the transfer of policy ownership and rights.

The amount of this lump sum payment is based on several factors including the buyer’s perceived value of the policy and the life expectancy of the insured. It’s your right to manage your policy as the policy owner. But if you decide to sell, the new owner’s decision about how best to manage the policy once it is their property, does not affect the value of the policy so far as the price you receive at the time you sell this policy. Once you are paid for the life insurance policy, the life settlement company is the new policy owner. Since this policy is, now, their property and their responsibility, the new owner will decide who benefits from the terms of the policy. But the best part is, you are no longer responsible for another premiums payment.

September 22, 2013

Floral Print Dresses

Cooler weather doesn’t have to spell the end of cute dresses. Don’t break out those sweaters and long pants just yet. Summery dresses can be warmed up with accessories for a variety of cool fall looks. Short dresses can be paired with tall boots and scarves for fantastic wardrobe combinations. Dark prints are perfect for the changing seasons too. Light-colored dresses can even work with the right accessories.
Padded Floral Printed Chiffon Lace Empire Line Casual DressStrapless Printed Padded Ruffles Chiffon Evening Dress Floral Print Rhinestones Padded Spaghetti Straps Evening Dress
Floral prints aren’t just for the spring time anymore. Depending upon the colors and accessories involved, they can be worn all year long. There’s a misconception that floral prints are always a combination of pastel colors and white. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dark floral prints are perfect for fall and winter occasions. Black dresses with red floral patterns are fabulous! There is also a huge variety of dark blue and purple floral prints. It’s important to choose darker patterns during colder weather. Try to avoid spring colors like yellow and pink. When there are a lot of great options available, shopping for floral print dresses is easy.

Long dresses are especially good for cooler-weather occasions. Warm-weather dresses can be converted with a few accessories. A shorter-length dress should be worn with calf-high boots. Don’t forget the warm wool socks or tights. Leggings can also completely change the look of an otherwise summery dress. Scarves and shawls are also wonderful additions to strappy dresses. A dark set of leggings or tights is perfect for warming up any dress on a chilly fall evening.

September 13, 2013

Nicole Lee Handbag

This gorgeous Nicole Lee Handbag is perfect for any season. The design is very unique and it is one of a kind. Incomparable quality at a very reasonable price.
• Faux leather fold over satchel with studded circle scale pattern.
• Featuring diamond metallic mesh underlay with circle scales, and faux patent leather accents.
• Exterior features: flaptop with magnetic snap closure, center divider flap under flap with magnetic snap closure, two zip top closure under flaps.
• Nicole Lee-engraved metal nameplate under exterior zip wallpocket at back.
• Interior features: two self enclosed ziptop compartments, and Nicole Lee two toned satin lining.
• Front compartment contains double open wallpockets at interior front.
• Back compartment contains zip wallpocket with Nicole Lee-engraved metal nameplate at interior back.
• Double top chainlink handles with 9 inch drop.
• Includes adjustable 30-60 inch double padded shoulder strap.

You can purchase it at for $86.00 only.

Car Insurance

Getting quotes from different online car insurance companies is a great way to learn about the various options that are available for you. If you’re still undecided about which type of car in insurance is suitable for you, you can always browse through the websites of different car insurance burlington nc providers. You will learn about the various polices that they offer as well as the other services that they offer to their clients. This will allow you to make an informed decision as to which policy is suitable for your car insurance needs.

September 12, 2013

Whether you call him Michael Masterson or Mark Ford, he gets results.

The more business books I read the more I realize that I don’t need business school. I I think that I puppet what a lot of people nowadays are saying. The typical college model is outdated, especially now with the Internet being as fast and vast as it is. The best parts of something like the Internet coming along is that people, or the masses are very keen on spotting shysters and liars and vetting them immediately. Basically you don’t continue a successful run online unless you deliver what you promise.

You may or may not have heard of Michael Masterson. Well if you haven’t heard of him then you probably have heard of Mark Ford because that’s his real name. This guy is not your typical businessman because like I said above, he never took a class in business, but certainly knows a whole lot about it. Mark spends his time as a serial entrepreneur. He started his first business when he was 11 years old, and in the 45 years that have elapsed since then, he has started or co-started dozens of successful businesses – public and private ... local and international ... retail, wholesale, and direct mail.

His entrepreneurial experience is immense, even compared to other successful entrepreneurs. At one time or another, he has run or consulted for multimillion-dollar businesses in many different areas. He offers consulting among online course if you are considering being a copywriter. This businessman has been around and continues to enjoy a great reputation online because he delivers results and his methodology works all of the time.

September 8, 2013

Find the Perfect Wedding Band

Important occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and graduations deserve special gifts such as jewelry. The birthday celebration of a loved one will become even more memorable if you give them an exquisitely designed piece of jewelry such as a necklace or a ring. If you want to know the various designs of rings that are available today, you can visit a reputable online jewelry retailer. Check out their website for more information about the various sets of jewelry that they have including engagement rings, graduation rings and wedding rings. You will be able to find the right jewelry that matches your preference, taste and budget.
Round Diamond Center 14K Two Tone Matching Couples Ring SetDesigner 14K Channel Set Princess Diamond Wedding Band Set14K Matching His & Hers Diamond Two Tone Wedding Band Set