September 12, 2013

Whether you call him Michael Masterson or Mark Ford, he gets results.

The more business books I read the more I realize that I don’t need business school. I I think that I puppet what a lot of people nowadays are saying. The typical college model is outdated, especially now with the Internet being as fast and vast as it is. The best parts of something like the Internet coming along is that people, or the masses are very keen on spotting shysters and liars and vetting them immediately. Basically you don’t continue a successful run online unless you deliver what you promise.

You may or may not have heard of Michael Masterson. Well if you haven’t heard of him then you probably have heard of Mark Ford because that’s his real name. This guy is not your typical businessman because like I said above, he never took a class in business, but certainly knows a whole lot about it. Mark spends his time as a serial entrepreneur. He started his first business when he was 11 years old, and in the 45 years that have elapsed since then, he has started or co-started dozens of successful businesses – public and private ... local and international ... retail, wholesale, and direct mail.

His entrepreneurial experience is immense, even compared to other successful entrepreneurs. At one time or another, he has run or consulted for multimillion-dollar businesses in many different areas. He offers consulting among online course if you are considering being a copywriter. This businessman has been around and continues to enjoy a great reputation online because he delivers results and his methodology works all of the time.