October 28, 2013

Coolest Studded Belts

Young punk rockers have it easy these days. It used to be hard to find clothes, hats, belts and other accessories to match with the punk rock style. With the advent of the internet and niche punk rock stores, though, that's all changed. From band shirts to records and everything in between, it's like going to Rancid heaven.
2 Row Pyramid Belt- Red Plaid (Non-Leather!)2 Row Cone Belt- White Leather
One of the most classic punk rock styles is the studded leather belt. Black or white leather along with a variety of stud styles can match any outfit while keeping up even the most stubborn pants. If you're looking for some new variety, check out the coolest studded belts at AngryYoungandPoor.com instead of the department store.

Specialty online shops like this are the best source for authentic designs and a wide variety of awesome clothing. If you go into a large chain store that advertises “punk” products, you're likely to find nothing more than a few t-shirts. By going to the source online, you can finally have access to all the cool stuff you've been wanting.

Some might say the punk rock scene is getting more mainstream, but real punk rockers still know where the action's at. With original designs and quality construction, you can rock the look better than the '80s and '90s ever dreamed of.