October 18, 2013

Maintenance Hotel Uniforms

There are many maintenance hotel uniforms at SharperUniforms.com to choose from. These uniforms look completely professional and are made to stand up to the rigors of a physical job. Plus, your employees will find them comfortable and easy to move in. There is a large selection of collared shirts and khaki pants that look great and many of them have the added features of soil release, moisture wicking and wrinkle resistance, so your employees will have no trouble keeping their uniforms clean and professional looking.
Men's Mid-Weight Denim ShirtLadies Yarn-Dyed Wrinkle Resistant Dobby Shirt
There is also a large selection of industrial work maintenance shirts with collars and pockets and heavy duty work pants for your employees that do the dirty work around the building. They look professional and can be embroidered with the company name. For safety, there are also high-visability shirts, jackets and vests, which are especially nice for your employees who work in parking lots, garages and near areas that are high traffic. For the colder times of the year, there is also maintenance outerwear that allows your employees to continue to look professional while doing their outside work. These jackets and sweaters are warm and easy to work in and keep clean. It is also possible to have uniforms customized to your exact specifications.