October 19, 2013

Men's Scrub

As the population of male nurses increases, workplace attire that emphasizes the diversity of the nursing workplace is coming into style. In particular favor are brands which are better known for "outdoor" style and rugged design.

Carhartt, a brand better known around the farm for its famous "barn jacket" has entered the hospital fashion arena, and also Dickies, another famous rugged brand more aligned with agriculture than anesthesia. Nurses wearing these styles can feel more themselves if they come from a rural background.
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Male nurses now have more choices than "less feminine" or plain scrubs, and can assert their style in their own way. Men entering the nursing field can find work outfits which present their personality as they introduce themselves to patients. Male nurses separated from the military medical corps have something to wear which reflects their dignity and masculine nature.

As more brands enter the market to provide hospital attire for male nurses which is neither feminine nor gender neutral, the nursing profession is also addressing the changing character of today's nurse, especially in the treatment arena.

Personally appropriate windwear systems will also help patients who are more comforted by a strong masculine presence or for whom the styles and brands now being produced produce a confusing image on men. They will give them a more comfortable connection to their outdoor, masculine heritage.