July 17, 2014

Looking for Ukeleles?

One of the primary reasons why consumers choose to shop online is because online shops offer a wider variety of products compared to most brick and mortar stores. Shoppers who are looking for hard-to-find items such ukeleles and other folk and traditional musical instruments are most likely to find what they are looking for at their favorite online shops. This works to their advantage since they don’t have to spend too much time and effort in going to different stores just to be able to buy what they want. With just a few clicks on their computer, they will be able to shop whenever they want.

July 13, 2014

Thunder Tumbler

I got an awesome deal with this Thunder Tumbler toy from walmart. I wasn't going to buy for my daughter but it was on sale for $9.97 only. My dad got a smaller version of this for my daughter two years ago, but the one that my dad bought was pretty cool because it comes with 3 music and this one do not.
This have quite a bit of power and it move faster. It work great outside, and even on rough ground. The remote has a forward button, making it easier to drive it straight.
The batteries slide out of the car in a tray, making them much easier to replace.