October 18, 2017

10 DIY Projects to Keep Your Kids Happy Indoors

As the weather starts cooling down this fall, and soon turning into winter, your kids will be spending less time outside. And that means more time inside! But, before you run away at that thought, take a deep breath, and check out some of these awesome indoor DIY projects. These are sure to keep your kids occupied and happy. And they can even help assemble some of the simpler projects.
1. Kiddie Pool Lounge
This project was originally intended as an outdoor lounge, but it’s so simple and cute that it’s perfect for indoors too. Whether you’re having a family movie night or the kids are just watching TV (or reading!) this kiddie pool lounge will make the perfect spot to sprawl out of a couple kiddos. All you need is an inflatable kiddie pool, pillows, and blankets. On their days off from school, the kids could even have little picnic lunches in their new pool lounge. How fun would that be!
2. Reading Nook
Get your children excited about reading with this adorable little reading bench. It’s perfect for the corner of their bedroom or playroom. All you need is a wood pallet or two, a foam pad, and some pillows. You can add built-in shelves or a fabric pocket for their books too.
3. PVC Grocery Store
What child doesn’t love to pretend they’re a grown-up? Build this PVC grocery store for hours of independent playtime. Your kids and their friends can trade off being the cashier and customer, and then they can take their groceries “home” and cook some delicious pretend meals. This is the perfect addition to your little one’s playroom.
Find the full tutorial at So You Think You’re Crafty.

4. Kitchen Table Tent
Create a playhouse right in your dining room that your kids will love. This cute tent is made from a tablecloth or sheet and simply placed right over the top of your kitchen table. It’s easy to set up and take down anytime your kids want to play (or anytime you need a break from their playing – just put this up).
Find the full tutorial at Little Family Adventure.
5. Life-Size Lincoln Logs
Who loved playing with Lincoln logs when they were little? Well, this awesome project is life-size Lincoln logs, so your children can build their own playhouse. All you need is some pool noodles and to cut them so they can easily fit together when your child starts building away.
6. PVC Ball Pit
Do your kids beg you to go to fast food restaurants just so they can play in the ball pits? Create your own with this tutorial from The Northwest Mama. It’s more sanitary, and you don’t have to go anywhere. This is a great project for keeping little ones occupied while you cook dinner, or if you just need a break.
7. Felt Garden Box
While the gardening season has ended for most of us, it doesn’t have to for your kids. You can make this cute little felt garden box and let your child continue to plant and harvest fruits, veggies, and flowers all year long.
Find the full tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.
8. Laundry Basket Skee Ball
Have you ever taken your child to the arcade? Now you won’t have to with this living room safe skee ball. All you need is a couple laundry baskets, plastic balls, and a cardboard box. Let your children play and see who can get the most points with different ranking baskets.
Find the full tutorial at Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls.
9. Tire Reading Nook
Because reading is so important for young minds and because this is too cute not to share, take a look at this reading nook made from tires. Create cushioning in the hole of the tire, pile with brightly colored pillows and let the reading begin!
Find the full tutorial at Grillo Designs.
10. Craft Desk
Are your kids crafty? Create this craft desk with a repurposed crib, art supplies, and a chalkboard. Let your kids spend their free time exploring their creativity with various arts and crafts projects at their new art table.
Find the full tutorial at A Little Learning For Two.