April 9, 2018

5 Reasons You Should Own a Sewing Machine

Your grandma had the right idea; owning a sewing machine is great.
Sewing may seem like an outdated thing to know and learn in today's world of apps and Amazon, but it's a skill that can bring so many benefits to your life.
Let’s face it, most clothes weren’t made to fit every body type, so learning how to hem or mend clothes can save you a ton of money and help you look good.
If you want to take that up a notch, owning a sewing machine will get you to the next level. Not only are sewing machines super handy, but they make most sewing jobs go ten times quicker and expand your options on sewing projects almost endlessly.
Here are five reasons you should own a sewing machine, from mending clothing to making awesome things that will make your home and those around you feel the love.
1. Make Clothing Better
As was mentioned above, most things that we buy at the store were made in three general sizes: small, medium, and large. If we are lucky, there are stores that have a few more sizes in between, but even those definitely don’t cater to every body type.
One large benefit of having a sewing machine is you can mend and hem clothes to make them fit so much better and look a lot more chic and sharp.
Are your pants too long? Not a problem with a sewing machine. Shirt a little too boxy? Not a problem with your handy, dandy sewing machine! You get the picture.
2. Customized Décor
Sewing machines aren’t only for clothing or clothing-related purposes. Sewing machines can also be used to create décor for around the house from pillows to curtains.
There are so many more affordable options when you make your home décor yourself. You can go to a fabric store and find exactly the color or design of fabric you want for pillows to match your couch.
You can even get really crafty and make your own sheets and comforters.
You don’t even need an industrial sewing machine to do so, any sewing machine will do and it honestly doesn’t take being an expert to know how to do it.
3. Create Your Own Clothing
Even better than customizing clothing is actually making your own. You will become like an industrial sewing company before you know it with all the clothes and accessories you will produce.
Most craft stores have simple patterns you can follow, or (thanks to YouTube) there are many videos that show you how to make your own patterns by tracing your favorite shirt or dress or any other clothing item you have that you want to replicate.
Say you love a dress but it is designer and out of your price range; you can use your sewing machine to create your own economical version of it.
Creating your own clothing is also a benefit if you have kids, who tend outgrow their clothes super fast. Plus, if you have a baby, it will be even more special and sentimental knowing you made some of their first outfits.
4. Save Some Money
Something that may be motivating for some when it comes to buying a sewing machine is that fact that this little gadget can save you some serious money.
Making and hemming your own clothes, making your own pillows and other home décor, Halloween costumes and...the list goes on and on with the different ways you can save.
5. Good for the Environment
Just like you will save cash by buying a sewing machine, you will also help to save the environment.
You can re-purpose so many different materials to make things that you need, or even go to flea markets and yard sales to find old fabrics. You can also go to second-hand stores and find old clothes and turn them into something new and stylish.